Monday, September 29, 2014

last week ramblings

Went with our home school group to Little Farmer for a field trip.  We learned about solar power, bees and the orchard.  We  got a pumpkin, a hayride(where this little one fell asleep) and best of all are their carmel apples. You can even have them dip your apple twice.  Total bonus. They have the thickest carmel.  Go get yourself one..they are awesome.

 Gabe liked playing in the hay and on the tractor

This is what happens in our house sometimes.  This littlest rascal in this house loves to get a hold of anything that writes and have his way with it.  None of the other kiddos really did this. Thankfully this time he kept it on our dry erase board.  Kind of.  We have a lot of permennt markers in this house. Sharpie's are my jam.  All different colors.  We use them all day.

hanging with each other

we had some baking freaks here last week.  They made 3 kinds of muffins in one day along with some chocolate chip cookies for a random act of kindness. I am sure we pretty much bake something almost daily or at least every other day.  We would love to open a bake shop.  My kids are with me on this one.

Yes, we added lots of hidden goodness in our muffins.  They rocked.  The kiddos are doing a great job  in the kitchen by themselves. 

Our last day with Papa Paul today. Dave's dad will be leaving after breakfast. We had a great visit.  They always go so quick. Hope you have a great Monday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

crazy kids

She was so excited for the game she passed out. The kiddos seem to love Dave's old 49er get up.

Olivia has been making a lot of these things lately.  Not sure what you call them. She loves to make things for people. 

You go her style and free spirit.  Some people have a hard time accepting how she dresses but we encourage her to be herself and love her to pieces for it. She is a unique gift we have been given to raise.  We are so blessed.

Dave and I were able to sneak away for our anniversary in Door County.  We always camp  in a tent and hit up the local resale shops and antique stores.  Our favorite.   It was cold and so much fun.  You are my jam.

my dream flour/baking jars..i know your jealous.

Staying warm by the fire.  Man did we burn the wood.

this little fuzzy guy was trying to hitch a ride home with us

this guy was trying to fly with his new pair of wings

Gabe is rocken this new vest from Grandma Mimi.  Thank you.

Dave's dad is coming for a visit this Thursday.  He will be staying for a few days so we can bombard him with lots of loud and crazy love. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

 first home schooling  field trip
We went to a local farm about 20 minutes away from us.  We had some pretty cool storm clouds coming in.  Huge organic farm that offers CSA packages of all sorts.  The owners are from London and Holland and have been doing this their whole lives.  Very neat people that have a passion for farming.  They even offer you a place to stay if you are interested in pursuing that career. 

I have never seen so many tomatoes in a green house before.

The farmer worked up the dirt so we could go get some carrots.  I have never seen kids get so excited to dig up carrots before. I never realized how easily they came up from the ground.

This is how they wash all their vegetables.  Simple and easy.

beautiful sunflowers. In my world I always feel like they look like really tall talking people.

First Solar powered farm tractor.  This thing was totally cool.  It didn't even make a sound.  

Thanks for taking the time to show us about the farm Jeff.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Auntie Annie

We had fun fishing in New Holstein. Stopped at Scoops for our favorite ice cream.  Salted carmel  fudge.  I think  Annie loved this one too.There ice cream has so much serious flavor.  Thank heavens it's a bit of a drive otherwise I would be there every day. Love that place.  

Olivia took this beautiful picture of Annie.  

Fun day at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Thanks to Grandma Mimi for the yearly zoo pass. We always enjoy going to the zoo.  We love it in the fall with cooler weather and crispy colored leaves. In the winter it's fun to be around the animals in the snow.  It makes you want to go get in there cages and romp around with them.

We watched a lot of movies.  Annie took the kiddos for a day to Cosmic Bounce.  An indoor 
3 story bounce house.  She had a blast and so did the kids.  They took a break and got their hand stamped and had a  picnic lunch and then went back for more jumping action. Dave and I bummed around at some resale shops and at the local market in Appleton.

Thank you for the awesome memories Auntie Annie.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Singing fool

 this guy loves to sing and play the guitar
naked, clothed, loud and oh so sweet

check out that scary circus lion someone won.....

We've been using sidewalk chalk as face paint.  You have so many options. He was supposed to be a baby lion.

Love our pillow notebooks we do.  Great thing to  do with your kiddos.  This was Odin's latest question.  Love their hearts...

crazy zombie eyes...all you need is sidewalk chalk

Spreading some sprinkle love to some kiddos at Children's Hospital
Sprinkles brighten everyone's day.

hanging with these 2 on the pier in Sheboygan

Dave and I found our dream camper.  Would love to redo this little thing.  It is so cute.

The kiddos wanted this hat so bad at Target for Gabe but I couldn't see spending $8 flippin dollars on it.  Sure is cute on him. He looks like a little trucker. 

love my wonderful life!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pictures from Camping...part 2

too much fun in the puddles

looking for cool trinkets in some one's old ashes

he loves to color

camping means cereal that is so so so good for you
we have a thing at this house for chocolate and peanut butter

we got rain a couple days which added to more fun

we love our vintage owl lights

drawing by the light of the moon which wasn't enough for these drawing fools.  Papa Paul your headlamps always come in handy for something.

Jeremiah joined the 2 older boys in the tent this year and loved it.

Crazy demon picture

we love our bike rides

These 2 love this spot.  They always ask to sit there and just read

 They got to go on the fire and rescue boat which they thought was totally rad.

Nobody got injured on this trip...besides some minor cuts and bruises.
Praise the Lord!

Have a great weekend!
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