About Us

Mom to 6 awesome kids 13-1.  
 Wife to one handsome and heroic (police chief) husband. 
Love the Lord, 
kid's, coffee, baking, 
orphan’s, homeschooling,  chocolate,
 passionate about the homeless, the elderly and giving to others... 

We desire  to raise our children to be people of deep faith and love for everyone. We don’t always get it right, but we strive daily to be a family that accurately reflects Jesus and enjoy the journey (loud organized chaos) we are on. 
We truly have an amazing yet crazy life that we are so thankful for. This blog is for sharing my heart, struggles, victories, passions and our daily life. If you do not like it, click that little red X at the top of the screen.  
Thanks for being a part of our forever unfolding story.

              If you would like to contact me our email is   funk50@charter.net