Wednesday, September 24, 2014

crazy kids

She was so excited for the game she passed out. The kiddos seem to love Dave's old 49er get up.

Olivia has been making a lot of these things lately.  Not sure what you call them. She loves to make things for people. 

You go her style and free spirit.  Some people have a hard time accepting how she dresses but we encourage her to be herself and love her to pieces for it. She is a unique gift we have been given to raise.  We are so blessed.

Dave and I were able to sneak away for our anniversary in Door County.  We always camp  in a tent and hit up the local resale shops and antique stores.  Our favorite.   It was cold and so much fun.  You are my jam.

my dream flour/baking jars..i know your jealous.

Staying warm by the fire.  Man did we burn the wood.

this little fuzzy guy was trying to hitch a ride home with us

this guy was trying to fly with his new pair of wings

Gabe is rocken this new vest from Grandma Mimi.  Thank you.

Dave's dad is coming for a visit this Thursday.  He will be staying for a few days so we can bombard him with lots of loud and crazy love.