Friday, September 12, 2014

Pictures from Camping...part 2

too much fun in the puddles

looking for cool trinkets in some one's old ashes

he loves to color

camping means cereal that is so so so good for you
we have a thing at this house for chocolate and peanut butter

we got rain a couple days which added to more fun

we love our vintage owl lights

drawing by the light of the moon which wasn't enough for these drawing fools.  Papa Paul your headlamps always come in handy for something.

Jeremiah joined the 2 older boys in the tent this year and loved it.

Crazy demon picture

we love our bike rides

These 2 love this spot.  They always ask to sit there and just read

 They got to go on the fire and rescue boat which they thought was totally rad.

Nobody got injured on this trip...besides some minor cuts and bruises.
Praise the Lord!

Have a great weekend!