Monday, September 22, 2014

 first home schooling  field trip
We went to a local farm about 20 minutes away from us.  We had some pretty cool storm clouds coming in.  Huge organic farm that offers CSA packages of all sorts.  The owners are from London and Holland and have been doing this their whole lives.  Very neat people that have a passion for farming.  They even offer you a place to stay if you are interested in pursuing that career. 

I have never seen so many tomatoes in a green house before.

The farmer worked up the dirt so we could go get some carrots.  I have never seen kids get so excited to dig up carrots before. I never realized how easily they came up from the ground.

This is how they wash all their vegetables.  Simple and easy.

beautiful sunflowers. In my world I always feel like they look like really tall talking people.

First Solar powered farm tractor.  This thing was totally cool.  It didn't even make a sound.  

Thanks for taking the time to show us about the farm Jeff.