Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Singing fool

 this guy loves to sing and play the guitar
naked, clothed, loud and oh so sweet

check out that scary circus lion someone won.....

We've been using sidewalk chalk as face paint.  You have so many options. He was supposed to be a baby lion.

Love our pillow notebooks we do.  Great thing to  do with your kiddos.  This was Odin's latest question.  Love their hearts...

crazy zombie eyes...all you need is sidewalk chalk

Spreading some sprinkle love to some kiddos at Children's Hospital
Sprinkles brighten everyone's day.

hanging with these 2 on the pier in Sheboygan

Dave and I found our dream camper.  Would love to redo this little thing.  It is so cute.

The kiddos wanted this hat so bad at Target for Gabe but I couldn't see spending $8 flippin dollars on it.  Sure is cute on him. He looks like a little trucker. 

love my wonderful life!