Monday, September 29, 2014

last week ramblings

Went with our home school group to Little Farmer for a field trip.  We learned about solar power, bees and the orchard.  We  got a pumpkin, a hayride(where this little one fell asleep) and best of all are their carmel apples. You can even have them dip your apple twice.  Total bonus. They have the thickest carmel.  Go get yourself one..they are awesome.

 Gabe liked playing in the hay and on the tractor

This is what happens in our house sometimes.  This littlest rascal in this house loves to get a hold of anything that writes and have his way with it.  None of the other kiddos really did this. Thankfully this time he kept it on our dry erase board.  Kind of.  We have a lot of permennt markers in this house. Sharpie's are my jam.  All different colors.  We use them all day.

hanging with each other

we had some baking freaks here last week.  They made 3 kinds of muffins in one day along with some chocolate chip cookies for a random act of kindness. I am sure we pretty much bake something almost daily or at least every other day.  We would love to open a bake shop.  My kids are with me on this one.

Yes, we added lots of hidden goodness in our muffins.  They rocked.  The kiddos are doing a great job  in the kitchen by themselves. 

Our last day with Papa Paul today. Dave's dad will be leaving after breakfast. We had a great visit.  They always go so quick. Hope you have a great Monday.