Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Love that we have this time together doing devotions for school with my daughter..

Love that she's wearing my old baseball t-shirt
there is a point in saving your clothes.

Having fun shopping with Grandma mimi..getting some new shoes and shirts.
(These are his favorite pants.  My mom keeps patching them but we are hanging on by a limb here.  He loves patches.)

The corn maze, corn bin, the 80ft was all so much fun at Meur farm.  

Bringing flowers and a meal to a good friend who just had a new baby boy named me some new babies.

Look what we got Grandma Mimi to do..priceless

Apparently he has to write this way at his private school but not at home..beautiful

Love getting blessings in the mail...pure joy 

Olivia made cupcakes for her team..i think if I let her she would make them every week.

found these beauties downloading them

there's always some kind of hanging string, rope, boards or ladders assembled from one place to another with this little star. Love seeing what kind of contraption he comes up with.

made this delicious gluten and dairy free cheesecake which was awesome...some of the kiddos didn't like this but glad we tried it.  Lots of steps and sooo full of protein!

Being a Steelers fan really rocks..they really love and appreciate their fans

Pet peeve..leaving empty or almost empty containers of things in the cabinets

Abraham loves minions right now

Bulletproof coffee = so darn good for you
try it sometime

Doing some agility training in the living room.  We are never short of weapons here

You never eat alone here

Being a fan of the titans is awesome...Jonah scored this for me.  Put the flag up in the garage!

We had a big funky buns order..which means for us too!

Love these cooler fall days, leaves changing and hanging with my stars.  Time is just flying by us lately.  Trying to be more intentional with my time always and never miss a moment with my stars. 
Love this life

 The only way to be deeply known, is to allow yourself to be deeply seen.

Monday, October 9, 2017

goodbye September...hello October

Volleyball season is almost over for this young lady and she loves everything about it.  Olivia was wishing for more games and practices each week though.  

This is what we came home too after 2 volleyball games...they are such good babysitters!

Home school gym class is crazy huge this year..which they love.  So many fun friends, lots of sweat and crazy activities.


Soccer season was very short but Jeremiah loved every minute of it.  Loves being goalie.  Thank you coaches for a fun time!

Sand cupcake extrodinare

We made this beautiful thing the other week and it was to die for.  It took us 3 hours and it was a lot of work but well worth it.

 Leave it up to the 2 year old to break the tv.  No kid in this family has ever done this before.

Jonah made this on his own...spray painted everything.
Devoted fan! 

Gabe hitching a ride at school..

Found a beautiful seahorse by my drink this morning...this girl is always creating!


Just happen to walk by this beauty she created the other day.   There is so many things in her room you just never know what your going to find.

We just took Grandma Mimi back to the airport.  We had sooo much fun and made lots of wonderful memories.  These last few weeks flew...Schooling, busy with appointments and life in general. 

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Have a wonderful Monday!