Monday, July 16, 2018

 part 2

Cincinnati zoo rocked.  Thanks to Grandma Mimi's yearly gift to the Milwaukee zoo we got in for half price here.  Beautiful botanical garden/zoo.

We had so much fun on all our adventures to and from Kentucky.  We are truly blessed.  No one got hurt but our A/c broke in the car and our canopy snapped too.  Not too bad for us!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


lots of pictures so grab a cup of coffee, tea or water.  We were gifted a beautiful trip to the ARK and the Creation Museum.  We had so much fun for our first camping road trip.  The kids were great and the weather was extremely hot!

They all had so much fun playing these road trip games.  I found myself looking at license plates days after we were home.  

105 degrees and this guy was sweaty...

One thing we had a blast doing was making sure we had ice cream everyday...

This was completely mind blowing for everyone...the kiddos decided that every non believer should go there because you would walk out a believer!  

All little animal cages with sound effects

Abraham was super stoked about being on his first shuttle bus ride..this little star is in love with school buses.  Crazy in love it's so sweet!

We had so much fun taking adventures everywhere and exploring around new cities.

rainy morning calls for movies in the camper

This was so much fun.  The other thing that Abraham absolutely loves is trains.  After school buses and garbage trucks.  There was a retired grandpa in the mall we went to that has a train he gives rides on around the mall.  It was about a 5 minute ride.  He loved it.  Waving at everyone like he's the bomb!

This was a patch of heaven called the rabbit hash district which was so green and full of so much life and history in these quaint little buildings.