Tuesday, January 12, 2021

kindness part 2

The hardest part about all of this for me is the practical side, specifically, parenting with kindness especially when they are little. How do I respond to a disobedient child without an angry tone so they know they have done something wrong? And How do I explain how serious it is when one of my children does something potentially harmful with kindness instead of ugly anger? What do those kinds of things look like in real life?

I am still learning and always will be.  Anger does not produce heart change; it produces shame. Yelling does not produce understanding; it produces hurt. Harsh words do not produce love; they produce humiliation. Intimidation does not produce kindness; it produces fear. 

Only kindness produces kindness; kindness produces love.💗

I’ve already seen a return on my investment. As I trust God to help me respond to my rebellious/crazy children in kindness and love instead of fear and anger, these young hearts are learning that kindness is always right and they treat each other with kindness. What a joy for my mama’s heart!

 The Book of Romans tells us that it’s God’s kindness that leads us to repentance. I want to love with a kindness that nurtures a hard heart to desire to be soft. God is the only one able to transform someone else’s heart, but if I live a life submitted to Him, then His love will be reflected through me.

When has kindness made a difference in your life? Do you struggle to show kindness to others? To your children and loved ones? Who around you could use a few words of kindness or maybe a big act of kindness? Do you trust God to help you respond to others in kindness instead of defensiveness, anger, etc.? What would it look like for you to be kind to someone who might feel overlooked and unseen? How have you seen God’s kindness?


Friday, January 8, 2021

Happy late 13th Birthday!

Can you feel the excitement?
One of my favorite pictures of the first 4
 4 kiddos in 5 years
3 in diapers
 was crazy fun. 
Ask Dave!!!
You were an easy baby from what I remember.

You love to be outside,
playing catch with a football, fishing, kickball, nerf funs, soccer, basketball
   video games, shooting, board games, and baking and cooking.
You name it you'll do it.
Easy going kid.

You love helping others

you are so full of life, chatty and giving

you are always smiling

a wee bit stubborn sometimes

you love swimming, camping,
riding your bike, hunting...pretty much 
 any kind of adventure


A little secret about Jeremiah...he LIVES in his Seahawks hats!!!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, cards and gifts!

We love you!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

reflecting on kindness ..part 1

You see, I had always equated kindness with niceness. If you held the door open for the person behind you just to be nice, I thought you were being kind. 

If you paid for the coffee for the person in line at the coffee shop, I thought you were being nice. 

If you spent your morning shoveling the snowy walks for your neighbors, I thought you were being nice.

What I learned is that kindness is different—it’s a part of our new identity as Christians, a Fruit of the Spirit. 

Kindness involves sacrifice, putting someone else above yourself. 

Gary Chapman explains: “Kindness means noticing someone else and recognizing his/her needs. It means seeing the value in every person we meet. And, like every trait of a loving person, kindness can be much simpler and more powerful than we realize."

As I reflected on these truths that were new to my heart, I realized, first of all, that I never read anything in the Bible about being nice—it was all about kindness. And there is a lot in there about being kind! And then I realized that acts of kindness can make a huge difference. And the absence of kindness can make a huge difference, too.

Your time spent pursuing love will not be wasted. The time spent embracing your moments, reading that extra bedtime book, sitting together to dinner, loving a child in their unkindness and weakness matter. Live each moment knowing even your unseen movement toward love and away from unkindness matters.


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