Wednesday, August 16, 2017

a few of my wants

I’ve started this blog post several different times many years ago.  Each time taking a new angle…adjusting some here and there.  Inevitably highlighting it all and hitting delete.  I am not a writer and I dislike Language Arts.  I just love to journal my life for my kiddos and hopefully to inspire others to serve and love.  I don’t feel like my words can give light to what I feel being pressed so firmly on my heart…and yet I desire to.  I so want to type out each thought and feeling which overwhelms my heart and mind and for them to be understood and heard, but sometimes the words just won’t come.  And that’s okay. 

I want joy.  I want joy in every single part of our lives.  I walked the other morning and just griped for a good 50 minutes to God about the things which bother my heart to the core…it was my confession…my accountability…my way of saying I really want Jesus, but wow do I struggle with these feelings sometimes.   I want to choose Jesus which means I am choosing joy, love, kindness, grace, mercy, compassion and respect.  I want to choose Jesus all the time. 

I want to give.  I want to give generously.  I want a person to cross my mind and act.  I want to see a need and do something about it.  I want our giving to be lavish and with a cheerful heart only giving God every bit of the glory.  He should be our reason.  I want Him to own our bank account…His money, not ours.  Pay check to pay check for His glory…for His kingdom…for His people…to make Him known that He is love and life.  Whatever it may be, whatever may come, we want to condition our hearts by giving so God will continue to stretch and mold us and shape us into greater and greater givers.

I want to see people as Jesus sees them.  No labels.  No pre conceived notions.  No unfair opinions.  I want to look in the faces of the people who surround me, who fill our neighborhood and church and life and give respect and love.  I want to reach into their lives and remind them of how absolutely beautiful they are.  How precious and amazingly created in God’s image they are.  They are valued.  We are valued.  Set apart by Christ.  Children of the Most High.  God, the Creator of the Universe, allowed His only Son to die for them…for you…for me.  God absolutely adores and cherishes us.  I want to remind people every day of this crazy good truth.

 I want to encourage and I want to spread the love of Christ.  I share my heart here because it’s just what I do…it’s my little space to share, then close the computer and walk away.  I throw it out into this tiny little piece of the web and hope and pray someone can relate and will be slightly encouraged…maybe even see Jesus.  I’ll never get it all right…I’ll never be able to fix myself and that’s okay.  What I can do is try and fix my eyes, heart, and mind on Jesus everyday and thank Him for His grace and mercy when I fall miserably flat on my face.  That is why I have a Savior…who does get it all right…and loves me entirely just as I am. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


August is the busiest month for us...always.  Last month before we're in school full throttle.  We've been doing math, spelling, journal and writing still all through summer. of those moms. Keeps them focused and out of trouble with each other.  Boredom only leads to arguments here at the funks and you're not allowed to even say the word here!
I did a few projects when the kids were gone with Dave at Dadz camp.  I wrapped Liv's bed in fabric and it turned out great.  It just took a lot of fabric and double sided tape and I ran out of fabric.  She was fine with it so we just left it. Now it's coming lose so we will have to hot glue it now.  I'll post some pics when we get it all fixed.

I also took our old dry erase board and painted it with chalkboard paint and added some happy pom poms and added this to her wall of fun.  She seems to take after me in every way, including keeping and collecting everything.
All the kiddos school books are out and organized for this fall and ready to go.  I am so excited for them to start and have a daily routine.  We love home school!!

Our chrysalis hatched and look what we have...

Oh yeah...super excited we've been making our gluten free bread 2loaves at a time.  We finally found a recipe we all love.  

love this little guy..sunshine on my counter.

army men and battles overtook my  counters(miah took these)

this is a terrible picture but it was a cheesecake Jonah had made that was gluten and dairy free and it was awesome.  Dave didn't care for it but everyone else loved it.  There was 2 cups of cashews, 1/2 pound of zucchini and no sugar or artificial sweetner in the whole darn thing.  It was fun and very time consuming to make but worth it!

Nacho bar for dinner was a big hit.  We made a homemade cheese sauce that rocked the house.  So so good!

Odin and Jonah wrote Lucas Films and they scored a ton of loot and nicely typed personal letter to each of them. 

too much going on to write more lately...hope you're all enjoying the summer!

Monday, July 31, 2017


Vulnerability is courage in you and inadequacy in me.  I'm
 sometimes drawn to others vulnerability but repelled by mine at times. 

Do you ever say that or think that to yourself?

Give me the courage to show up and let myself be seen.

Love is a form of vulnerability.  

 From calling a friend who's experienced a tragedy, a diagnosis, job loss, or from feeling terrified, vulnerability is life's great dare.
This isn't weakness.... it's courage beyond measure. 

Most often the result of daring isn't a victory march as much as it is a quiet sense of freedom mixed with lots of battle fatigue.
There is always so much risk and emotional exposure woven through our daily experiences. 

Life is vulnerable.
Experiencing vulnerability isn't a choice-the only choice we have is how we're going to respond when we are confronted with uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. 
It requires boundaries and trust. 
Sharing our feelings with people who have earned the right to hear them.  A trust building process.  Sharing with people who can bear the weight of our story. 

 Share away my friend... 


Friday, July 28, 2017


1. flower blessing from a friend...thank you my dear

2. Making our gluten free chicken noodle my helpers.  Always willing to help any time.

3. Liv made some gf cookies...they were like a fudgey brownie.  They were gone in one sitting.  Small batch.

4. This gf/dairy free bread was awesome.  I need to triple the batch next time.  It only made 1 loaf.  I am working on making better links/organization to my recipes.  You've been asking so hang tight my friends.

5. Thank you for the yummy

6. Everyone is keeping busy with drawing, painting or coloring.  They all love to do this except Gabe.  We always have this kind of stuff readily available for any kiddos that come through our door.  Bring on the messes!

7. We had BLT's for the first time with lettuce instead of bread and they loved them.  Olivia didn't eat them but we all did.  I just couldn't believe we needed 4 lbs(this is what 4lbs looks like) of bacon to feed our army. 
 Bacon in this house is a treat it's so expensive.

8. We adopted a chrysalis from the library...the kids are anxiously waiting.

9. Pure Exhaustion

10. Can this be any of the my little stars took this.

11. Waiting is so hard but so worth it...Olivia wrote the coach for Miami Dolphins over a year ago and finally, finally  got this! 

12. Odin got another ride of a lifetime. 
Sitting with the mechanic on the boat.

13. Volunteering at Project Angel Hugs is always fun. 

14.  Is this the most biggest slug you have ever seen...nasty.

Hope you're all having a great week.  The kids were gone at Dadz camp this week.   It's been a tradition for many many years and they love it.  I worked, worked, worked with Abraham on a bunch of things and read a few more pages in my books.

Monday, July 24, 2017

#2 devils lake
(part 2)

Chilling on the sidewalk...

Had to do my iodine test while we were camping..  i drink a ridiculous amount of water so it was no big deal getting 3 liters of urine in a 24 hour period.  Let me just tell you this whole thing was hilarious.  The kids were mortified that I had to keep the tank in the fridge the whole time. I was trying to figure how how we could reuse this big ole orange tank.  I never like to waste things ya know!

They redid the bathrooms at Devil's Lake and they are beautiful.

We sadly somehow ripped this hammock right down the middle...we love our hammocks Auntie Sarah!

This sweet little grandpa was kayaking while his wife was swimming.  He had an extra one ready for when she got tired...

Our new lights that I made.  They are so fun, but I needed to make another string.

nap times are a must camping or we all get crabby staying up so late

killed some time at the outlet mall just walking around

free games at Great Wolf Lodge for the kiddos while you wait for the fireworks are always fun.

God is your eyes.

This was the craziest thing.  We saw these dragonflies every morning by the beach.I felt like there were hundreds of them swarming.

this was so much fun... love to scare the little's.  Hands down the best toy store ever!!

They love to hike and peaceful and beautiful!

Praise the Lord this was the only injury.  For our family...that's great!

Rock jumping is always a pleasure..even better.... Dave doing back flips.

Have a wonderful monday!  This last week we packed in 3 play dates, vacation bible school for 4 days which rocked, one great Dr. appointment for Dave, tried a few new gluten free/dairy free recipes that we loved, and got to go help our good friend/babysitter/sister/try on her wedding dresses. 

So much fun.

Summer is flying by...go enjoy it