Monday, October 22, 2018

Funk50 is 50😄😄

Happy birthday David!  Another wonderful year. Marriage takes works.  Good hard work and lots of it. Plain and simply.  You gotta be a good team.   But I can say with humble gratitude to God,  we are both working like crazy to focus on God and Him alone.  Not each other.  Not the kids.  Not the world.  But God alone.  Everyday He is teaching us that He Is Enough.  Nothing more is required or needed. 
(Maybe sleeepppp!)

I am so blessed to be on a  mission with you.  I love to see how God is working in you and moving you. I am thankful for the way  He brought us together and is allowing us to go on this wild adventure with Him. 

 What an honor and a blessing.
I’m thankful to God for your life and your heart is still the hottest thing about you.  You challenge me and make me laugh so flippin’ hard.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

laundry day, prayer walks and boat day

Outside of our gate...the hangout!

Wow.  The Haitians take so much pride in their clothes.  We did laundry for 2 hours by hand and we still weren't done with the whole pile.  There is a certain squeaky noise you have to make when washing.  I never got it but it was so much fun!

They had the craziest little bridges everywhere.  I think Odin was the only one who fell in once.

 Here is my favorite little guy again.  Loved on him every minute I could.  

The feeding program was held every day at 3.  We got to be a part of this as well.  So much excitement, crazy singing and feet stomping.  They are so on fire for the Lord.  What an amazing program.  Their 1 meal a day we got to be part of. 

All the kiddos get 1 vitamin as you enter the gate as well.  

This was 1 other school in the village.  Love all the school colors here.  They take a lot of pride in their handmade uniforms.  School runs about $2-300 a student here.   Very expensive.

Going on Pascal's boat was a huge thing for me.  Since I don't even go in pools this made my heart skip a beat but it was awesome.  The area we went in was an overfished area so we didn't get to see any crazy animals.  Pascal was like a merman.  Holding his breathe for 4 minutes under water.  Crazy~

So much growth everywhere.  Goats, chickens and cattle all around.  Everything was so beautiful and the village is full of joy and laughter!

Monday, October 15, 2018


Elderly camp.  Monday through Friday we had elderly camp from 1-3.   We did a bible story, Zumba/dancing, coloring and craft(which they made a solar powered lantern)
Man can these lovelies move.  They all seem to love to dance!

Their faces say it all.  Deep stories and such a past.  God is good and they are hopeful!

This is the medical clinic in Neply.

Every time you walk around the village, there was always so much love, joy, laughter and a sense of community.  We always felt safe and loved!