Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I'm hearing a lot of mamas lately talking about having to cook more and how much more they are spending on groceries
shredded chicken for dinner
which consists of 10 lbs for 1 meal which doesn't include Dave and I
always with a roasted veggie

Odin made chicken nachos which were divine
seriously since your at home do yourself and kids a favor and teach them to cook
there is nothing better than life skills. 
 We've been doing this since they were wee little ones and it's so much fun
Yes it takes time away from you and what you want to do
it's not about you...remember

Dave and I had these delicious rice and bean enchiladas

schooling along here at the Funks

4 readers in bed with me

early risers here at 430/5

We were strolling through old things I have stashed and this was one of them.
weird I know but this was my first pregnancy and I just couldn't believe I got pregnant on our honeymoon.
Boy oh boy do I miss taking those tests!
Even just strolling down the aisle.

Chicken Cordon Bleu soup for the win...thanks for Working Family Bread Basket for the free cheese!

Happy math go...er

Thursday, May 21, 2020

tough words

certain changes lately are not embraced...they are enforced.  
Kind of like muscles.  
Bringing it to the point of failure so it can grow.
Fibers break down and grow back stronger.
Work with God or against God
Will I partner with what GOD is doing even if it's not what I prefer?

resist it
push it or
grow with it

the enemy uses the heaviest artillery on the people who are carrying the greatest purpose.
if a lot has come against you 
that means God has put a lot in you
One of the things GOD is showing us through this season is that he's shutting down everything around us..(a lot of what was normal in our world)
Sometimes that's the only way to see what's in you...

Sometimes what is removed is just as important as what he allows to be brought into our lives.  
What is God teaching us to appreciate in this season?
People...we take for granted
Sometimes we appreciate things once they are gone

God is teaching us to appreciate some things we have obviously grown accustomed too.
He's  resetting the baseline..ouch
resetting the baseline
Praise him for a pulse, breath, another day, a hand to hold...
teaching us to release somethings
God is showing us how little control we had to begin with.
Read it again

God is showing us how little control we had to begin with.

What do I need to unlearn?
Addicted to knowledge?
Worldly things?
God changing your heart or you changing your habits?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Unfortunately our trip to Haiti was cancelled last year, then our Texas trip was cancelled for August....but now we are back on for Haiti in August of 2021😁

Our rummage will be June 11, 12, and 13th now.
All funds from this rummage will go towards our trip.
There will be four Funks going and we are super duper excited!

Please stop on over for some funky buns, find some goods or just to say hi!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Parenting a girl versus a boy

girl-help her identify with her mother and yet be able to respectfully disagree with her.
Help her learn how to be close to her dad, not to coy and seductive to get what she needs from him.
Encourage her to be feminine, yet clear about what she wants and needs.
Teach her that the girls who are cliquish are girls to avoid, and the girls who like her for herself are girls to hang out with.

boys-help him accept discipline from mom and not see dad as having all the authority and power.
help him learn to be emotionally close, affectionate, and verbal about his feelings.
give him healthy structures for his aggression, sports and outings of his choice.
show him some risks are smart ones and some are not.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

mother's day shenanigans

this guy did the chocolate peanut butter cake
one of our favoritesπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

 Random acts of kindness for the win on Mother's Day
Olivia had fun picking and arranging

homemade cards and gifts are the best thing in the world

letters just melt my heart and make this mama cry big tears

I am soooo blessed!

Thursday, April 30, 2020

how good are you at celebrating the unseen

god is making you stronger but your biceps are getting bigger

people always celebrate what is visible

people will compliment your body because they compliment what they see
they never say your contentment is great

we all know which is more valuable but we live in a world where what is visible is celebrated more than what is valuable

if you keep chasing that prestige
 whats it going to be like when they stop paying attention to you
what do you do when your source of affirmation moves to another state and is gone?
we don't graduate from our need to be approved 
people, we still live for approval but it gets more expensive
celebrate the unseen because 
what is most seen, is not always whats most significant
often times what is unseen is more important than what is seen

the things you cant measure are the things that matter the most.

what is happening in your soul?
do you have something that can't be taken away?
are you feeding off of what the world feeds off of?
scrolling, clicking, unsubscribing, following, cropping, editing, liking and checking
everything that is in your feed is only making you more hungry for what people are most likely to celebrate....and is what is least likely to satisfy
it will never come from the outside
it has to come from within
my father has what I am starving for

the wrong appetites can never be satisfied and when you are starving for status  you will stuff your soul with what will never give you true meaning

god sees you through all the layers
he saw all your sins before you committed them and he forgave you
he saw you through Jesus Christ

do you have the faith to celebrate what you don't see
he sees where you're weak
he sees us up close and he sees himself in us

Monday, April 27, 2020

Found someone's stash of paper airplanes.

This girl has been painting...

loving on Papa

lots and lots of gold fish

We'll never say no to ice cream.  IT's never ending at our house.

I found these sweet things next to my bed from one of my little stars.  Finding beauty in ALL things.

My big stars have been making scavenger hunt maps for the littles and they love it.  

Here's to our last week of school!
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