Monday, January 15, 2018


I've had no time to write, let alone go to the bathroom by myself lately.  This is the season we are in I guess. School, parenting, meal planning and prepping, constant dishes, messes(lots of messes), laundry(which surprisingly isn't much for a family of 8) and life just keep me going.  

Sometimes it's dinner time and I've only looked at the clock 2 times in a day.  
This space of life is so quick. 
The giving of your heart.
The loving no matter what.
giving grace after grace
messing up over and over again
love is beautiful in so many ways the world doesn't see
the every day, the sacred, the real
and the in betweens.

sleepy heads are so warm and cuddly

Making sure they eat their beans. A community bowl of green beans at that. Can you feel the fun in the photo?

Did this fun gingerbread house but the only who eats gingerbread is Miah but it's not gluten free.

This is my quiet time wonder why I can never remember what I read

  The sweet lady the boys shovel for gave them this bag.  I remember these candies from when i was a kid.

This creative girl colored her hair with watercolor paint.  She loved it.

There's not a soul in this house that doesn't want to sleep by him when he falls asleep. 
 Love sleeping kiddos.

Olivia made her first sponge cake.  It turned out great.  Next time she won't cook it so long it was a tad on the dry side but pretty good for her first rodeo with one.

thank you for coming to our little space

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


i found this old post with old pics i never posted.
shows how off schedule i am here and how our days are all rolled into one.
Between school, life, get togethers, and appts...our days and weeks pass so fast. did we get so blessed..

thank you for the festival gift cards...they love to make their own choices there

this is how she rolls

Olivia is loving club volleyball.

coach Pete and Erin are awesome

This girl's Christmas gift was a vip trip pass with Rend Collective and various other musicians.  We go every year and it ROCKS.  They are such a fun energizing band from Ireland.

Funky bun fun.  I love making these things.

fun with my brother's gang

homemade apple pie from the was even warm.
so divine and gone in a few minutes

Guess who took a lot of time and made this?

Bacon wrapped tater tots..are the bomb.  My little stars loves these every once in awhile.  Heck i think you could bacon wrap anything and it'll be fantastic

the Christmas tree picture of 2017

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Goodbye 2017

Helping at the Toy Shoppe every year is so much fun.  They had some really cranky volunteers this year. 

The bigs did this for the little's

We chose our favorite reeses peanut butter cake for Jesus this year.  It was divine!

We had lots of new weapons added to our collection this year.  

The kids played endless rounds of Catan.

Christmas minute to win it games were so much fun and hilarious.

 hour long massive nerf battle
jumping over beds and chairs
sliding under tables 
bullets everywhere

cookie making with our lovely Jasmine

 treats from neighbors and friends...thank you!

loved everyone's homemade cards this year..they were so much fun!


Thank you all for a wonderful Christmas and we wish you all God's blessings in 2018!