Thursday, May 29, 2014

photo dump....mostly Gabe

Gabe loves everything hats.  Now I am hoping he keeps a hat on in the sun.  He will need one with a strap I guess. This little dude lives and breathes to be outside. Anybody who walks in the house  beware, he will say side and point out the window and maybe grab your leg for a ride outside. 

He loves the sand box.

love  the way he sleeps 

weapons we found under Odin's dresser..we were looking for a Lego piece. I love that my kiddos are all into weapons of serious destruction.

this guy is trying to figure out how to shoot the gun. Apparently in the eye is better aim

 when you say look for the birdie, he goes running to the window to point and look.
he's an avid bird watcher

love those  ankles and feet

       Not much going on here since the crazy rummage sale.  I have had some migraines which I use to only get a few times a year but I have had them more frequently now.  Thank goodness I have big kiddos that love to help with the little kiddos so I can lay down a bit when they strike.  We are ready to be done with school and just hang out all day.  Just trying to figure out what we all want to do as far as schooling in the summer.  We typically do some subjects a couple times a week. We all like some sort of schedules and routines in this house. The kiddos love the warm weather. We went through one sprinkler already that was brand new.  I have no idea how these things just break.  We just got started on the summer stuff.   
       Dave is doing good. Just started taking walks and biking more.  He also just finished one prescription for his mouth sores and will continue on another round the Dr. said.  It might take 3 doses to get rid of it.  Please continue to pray for his mouth sores to go away and for a clear scan on June 3rd.. Thank you for all of your love and support!
Love Wins

Monday, May 26, 2014

after a few cancelled and rescheduled dates we finally made it to a follow up appointment with Dave's cancer team in Green Bay on Friday
that was 3 months to the day since his last treatment
we brought them a plate of chocolate chip cookies which they loved
it was nice to see everyone that we got to know so well over the time Dave spent there having his radiation treatments
everyone was so nice and a lot of hugs were shared with everyone 
our sitter cancelled so we brought all 5 kids
the older ones waited in the waiting room but Gabe came with us into the appointment
 he is full of entertainment

that little guy messed with everything in the exam room that he could get his hands on
the cancer team was happy with how well Dave is doing and the good news is that Dave got a big thumbs up for his recovery overall
this made Dave laugh because he still has some bad days with lots of pain and hurt but they are farther apart now and he is sleeping better too
of course they noticed Dave's weight loss but the good news is that his weight has been steady for the past week and he is able to taste more too
his favorite food being twizzlers
 turns out all the mouth sores and blisters he has in his throat are not as common with radiation treatments as we were told but they are a side effect of the treatment
they gave Dave a prescription which should help him
the doctor also scheduled Dave for his first PET scan in June
this will be our first real test to see if the cancer is all gone or not
the scan is scheduled for June 3rd and Dave will spend the whole day at the hospital with his team of doctors and doing physical therapy too
we are scheduled to go back to the Mayo Clinic a month later in July for another 2 days of follow up and research work
praying for a clear scan in a couple weeks
praying for Dave's weight to stay stable
praying for his sores and blisters to heal
Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beautiful Things

my crock pot

the delight of looking at photo books

free Lego day at Toys r us

fresh farm eggs in bacon grease with hard rolls..Jonah and Odin love to make this

our awesome sitter/friend that loves our kiddos unconditionally
(Miah is a little unsure about standing in his undies on the front porch)

yummy chocolate chip cookies

sharing them with these guys for lunch

their lemonade stand
thanks to those of you who supported them that day
I hope it didn't taste like water.

this funny guy

We go for a check up on Friday in Green Bay.
Praying for a good clean scope.

Monday, May 19, 2014

We made it and God is good!
 this little man was trying to help

 Jonah was having a little too much fun with the dough
and yes his hands are clean. They all love the feel of fresh soft and squishy dough.

this guy making puppy chow

 rain the first day

We sold 32 6 packs of cinnamon rolls(funky buns) and  32 bags of puppy chow and about 70 brats. We tended to eat brats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were brated out by Sunday.

Our rummage was awesome and so exhausting at the same time. I love the rummage.  Everything from my OCD during the setup to the take down, put away and donate. I am a little funny about how far my hangers are apart on the rail.
Thank you to all who have donated for this rummage and who came out to support and also help with everything.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  We were up at 3:30 every day and in bed by 10/11 every night.  Dave always sleeps in the camper to keep an eye on everything. this year it was really cold and he was was up every night trying to protect everything from the wind and rain while I was in the house up with Gabe every night.  That kid just didn't want to sleep. Standing on your feet most of the day constantly organizing, sorting, restickering and baking makes for some tired people.  Thank you also to our awesome babysitters that came out and helped us enormously. Just to have you here to play with the kids was so helpful.  

Overall we had pretty good weather except for a little rain on the first day with manageable wind.

Satan was obviously on the prowl though too...
First my glasses broke that I have had for about 15 years.  I have some serious thick coke bottle glasses that I love. Then my brand new cell phone cracked trying to save a lamp getting blown over in the wind. It flew right out of my pocket onto the concrete.  The brakes are shot on our mini van. Last but not least the water pump broke on the other van.

My golly at least we are all healthy and safe.
During our rummages we always pray that we can witness to some people and inspire and pray for them.
There are so many broken, hurting people in this world.  It always breaks my heart hearing their stories and for some reason so many people are drawn to tell Dave and I about their struggles.  It is so nice  but so hard at that same time.  
We pray for them and hold them close to our heart

Thank you again for everything...Love Wins

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Missing in action...
We are doing everything rummage this week.  Monday we got the tables. Thank you everyone for letting us borrow them. Tuesday we got the tent and put it up.  Wednesday we finished putting everything out.  We have thousands of items that were donated from over 30 families. We have been so blessed with awesomeness!  We have 
male and female clothes from 0-3x(brand name and a lot with tags)
there are no  worn or stained clothing here!
office supplies
lots of books
kitchen supplies
lots of new games and puzzles
holiday things
car seats
lots of boy and girl Lego's
baby stuff
baby swing
lots of really nice shoes
brats and baked goods
donated handmade items from friends also

the rummage will be Thursday May 15 and Friday May 16th from 8-6
Saturday May 17th 8-5 
Please pray for awesome weather and that we sell everything!

Keep praying for Dave he is able to eat more things with less pain.

I will be missing in action until next week...this rummage thing is serious crazy buy fun!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

thank you

When I was younger, all I could dream of was being a mommy. I spent hours daydreaming about how many children I would have, what their names would be,  how many orphanages I would open and how could I possibly house all the homeless children out there??? Once I was old enough, I spent my time babysitting and  nannying for families and falling in love with kids 

 I wasn’t looking for a career path, I didn’t have a strategic post-graduation plan. 

Peace Corps, working with animals or somehow opening an orphanage. 

Now that I’m here – on this side of my dream – with five healthy, joyful happy and unique children, there is something I want you to know.

My sweet children, you have made my dream come true.
From the moment I realized you were going to be part of our family, you each captured my heart. That love developed through the months of growing you in my tummy, holding you for the first time, staring at your squishy little face, admiring how you looked so much like your siblings and yet so very different. Each of you have your own personalities, your own talents, your own struggles and needs. As you grow, you become more and more of your own person and I get the best view to watch it all play out. I see things in you that remind me of daddy, you have mannerisms that you get from me. Then there are those things that are all your own and I get to find ways to encourage you, protect you, understand you … those are the best parts of being a mommy.
You are mine; we are forever connected, and I love you so much deeper than I ever knew was possible.
What I have learned over and over in my short years of being a mom is that as hard as I try to lead you confidently, I will let you down.  I am still a work in progress – I’m still figuring out how to be less selfish and well-rounded and kind right along with you.
So, my kiddos, here’s what I want to say to you today:

thank you. 

Thank you for making me a mommy. For being a dream come true. For teaching me about selflessness and forgiveness and my unending need for grace. For making me laugh and being my companions. For following after me like  baby chicks. For wanting me and needing me and accepting me. You are awesome!

I love you 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

2 long weeks...

This was a long 2 weeks last week.  I had a serious sinus cold going on and it totally sucked. Got a migraine and I think we took 3 or 4 trips with some kiddos to the walk in clinic.Tired of colds right now. Gabe is now sick again compliments to another child he was around. Praying it doesn't take it's course through the family.  The 2 older boys always  ask why I seem crabby when I'm sick...they must forget how they get when they are sick.  Homeschooling felt daunting and very long. Ready to be done schooling now with the rummage and all coming up.
  These boys have been helping me wipe down, price and weed through things. 
They are a great help and they love it. Gabe likes to go around and steal all the stickers.

Odin learned  about blood and how it travels through your veins
We also have been studying Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The lifestyles they have, the food they eat and their beliefs. It has been really amazing.  Odin and Jonah are on fire for history in a fierce way. Totally like Dave. Ask anyone I am terrible at history and never liked it.  Homeschooling is making it fun and teaching me so much about history I never knew. I had a problem paying attention in school though. That's my excuse! When the 2 olders have extra time to read they read Thomas Edison, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Kit Carson you name it.  They keep telling me they want to see more and travel to all these different places.  The presidents libraries, out to the east coast and just soak in their history.

Jonah made  homemade butter and it turned out great. Just had to add more salt to it. We like salted things in this house. It was totally easy but a lot of vigorous hand shaking going on. I think the hanging skin under my arms got the biggest workout ever.

Real butter with buttermilk.  We used the homemade buttermilk to make our Friday night pancakes. We are all about simple and cheap meals at the funk's.

Every day the kiddos study a character trait
Jonah had to write 2 things that bring him joy.  This makes my heart weepy...ooh do they love
babies and kiddos. They continually pray for us to adopt, foster or to some how have more kiddos.

These 2 like to have cereal during a break.
Gabe is really big into doing what they are doing or being with the 2 bigger boys right now.  The boys have always wanted Gabe to grab their legs and to be wanted by him and now he does that all the time.  They love it..

Gabe likes to help them with their typing every day.

Odin and I doing our Language Arts

 Jonah did some studying on how they made ink back in the day. We had to take egg white then the soot from a burnt candle. They thought they were breaking the law burning the back of a plate. Scrape the soot off of the plate, mix it up in the bowl and and add some coloring if you want.  The black soot we had from the candle wasn't enough so he chose red.

This guy just wants to sharpen pencils all day. He has now learned how to stick everything including his pinkie into the automatic pencil sharpener. Odin says maybe that is his calling.  sharpening pencils all day long.  Who wants that kind of job Jonah adds. Oh the conversations we have homeschooling can be funny and interesting.

Praying for nice weather for our rummage next week
Praying for Dave's pain to lessen and the blisters to go away
Praying we sell, sell, sell everything
Praying for colds in our house to be gone
and so thankful for all you prayer warriors out there praying for us
we love you dearly!
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