Monday, May 19, 2014

We made it and God is good!
 this little man was trying to help

 Jonah was having a little too much fun with the dough
and yes his hands are clean. They all love the feel of fresh soft and squishy dough.

this guy making puppy chow

 rain the first day

We sold 32 6 packs of cinnamon rolls(funky buns) and  32 bags of puppy chow and about 70 brats. We tended to eat brats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were brated out by Sunday.

Our rummage was awesome and so exhausting at the same time. I love the rummage.  Everything from my OCD during the setup to the take down, put away and donate. I am a little funny about how far my hangers are apart on the rail.
Thank you to all who have donated for this rummage and who came out to support and also help with everything.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  We were up at 3:30 every day and in bed by 10/11 every night.  Dave always sleeps in the camper to keep an eye on everything. this year it was really cold and he was was up every night trying to protect everything from the wind and rain while I was in the house up with Gabe every night.  That kid just didn't want to sleep. Standing on your feet most of the day constantly organizing, sorting, restickering and baking makes for some tired people.  Thank you also to our awesome babysitters that came out and helped us enormously. Just to have you here to play with the kids was so helpful.  

Overall we had pretty good weather except for a little rain on the first day with manageable wind.

Satan was obviously on the prowl though too...
First my glasses broke that I have had for about 15 years.  I have some serious thick coke bottle glasses that I love. Then my brand new cell phone cracked trying to save a lamp getting blown over in the wind. It flew right out of my pocket onto the concrete.  The brakes are shot on our mini van. Last but not least the water pump broke on the other van.

My golly at least we are all healthy and safe.
During our rummages we always pray that we can witness to some people and inspire and pray for them.
There are so many broken, hurting people in this world.  It always breaks my heart hearing their stories and for some reason so many people are drawn to tell Dave and I about their struggles.  It is so nice  but so hard at that same time.  
We pray for them and hold them close to our heart

Thank you again for everything...Love Wins