Thursday, May 29, 2014

photo dump....mostly Gabe

Gabe loves everything hats.  Now I am hoping he keeps a hat on in the sun.  He will need one with a strap I guess. This little dude lives and breathes to be outside. Anybody who walks in the house  beware, he will say side and point out the window and maybe grab your leg for a ride outside. 

He loves the sand box.

love  the way he sleeps 

weapons we found under Odin's dresser..we were looking for a Lego piece. I love that my kiddos are all into weapons of serious destruction.

this guy is trying to figure out how to shoot the gun. Apparently in the eye is better aim

 when you say look for the birdie, he goes running to the window to point and look.
he's an avid bird watcher

love those  ankles and feet

       Not much going on here since the crazy rummage sale.  I have had some migraines which I use to only get a few times a year but I have had them more frequently now.  Thank goodness I have big kiddos that love to help with the little kiddos so I can lay down a bit when they strike.  We are ready to be done with school and just hang out all day.  Just trying to figure out what we all want to do as far as schooling in the summer.  We typically do some subjects a couple times a week. We all like some sort of schedules and routines in this house. The kiddos love the warm weather. We went through one sprinkler already that was brand new.  I have no idea how these things just break.  We just got started on the summer stuff.   
       Dave is doing good. Just started taking walks and biking more.  He also just finished one prescription for his mouth sores and will continue on another round the Dr. said.  It might take 3 doses to get rid of it.  Please continue to pray for his mouth sores to go away and for a clear scan on June 3rd.. Thank you for all of your love and support!
Love Wins