Thursday, May 8, 2014

2 long weeks...

This was a long 2 weeks last week.  I had a serious sinus cold going on and it totally sucked. Got a migraine and I think we took 3 or 4 trips with some kiddos to the walk in clinic.Tired of colds right now. Gabe is now sick again compliments to another child he was around. Praying it doesn't take it's course through the family.  The 2 older boys always  ask why I seem crabby when I'm sick...they must forget how they get when they are sick.  Homeschooling felt daunting and very long. Ready to be done schooling now with the rummage and all coming up.
  These boys have been helping me wipe down, price and weed through things. 
They are a great help and they love it. Gabe likes to go around and steal all the stickers.

Odin learned  about blood and how it travels through your veins
We also have been studying Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The lifestyles they have, the food they eat and their beliefs. It has been really amazing.  Odin and Jonah are on fire for history in a fierce way. Totally like Dave. Ask anyone I am terrible at history and never liked it.  Homeschooling is making it fun and teaching me so much about history I never knew. I had a problem paying attention in school though. That's my excuse! When the 2 olders have extra time to read they read Thomas Edison, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Kit Carson you name it.  They keep telling me they want to see more and travel to all these different places.  The presidents libraries, out to the east coast and just soak in their history.

Jonah made  homemade butter and it turned out great. Just had to add more salt to it. We like salted things in this house. It was totally easy but a lot of vigorous hand shaking going on. I think the hanging skin under my arms got the biggest workout ever.

Real butter with buttermilk.  We used the homemade buttermilk to make our Friday night pancakes. We are all about simple and cheap meals at the funk's.

Every day the kiddos study a character trait
Jonah had to write 2 things that bring him joy.  This makes my heart weepy...ooh do they love
babies and kiddos. They continually pray for us to adopt, foster or to some how have more kiddos.

These 2 like to have cereal during a break.
Gabe is really big into doing what they are doing or being with the 2 bigger boys right now.  The boys have always wanted Gabe to grab their legs and to be wanted by him and now he does that all the time.  They love it..

Gabe likes to help them with their typing every day.

Odin and I doing our Language Arts

 Jonah did some studying on how they made ink back in the day. We had to take egg white then the soot from a burnt candle. They thought they were breaking the law burning the back of a plate. Scrape the soot off of the plate, mix it up in the bowl and and add some coloring if you want.  The black soot we had from the candle wasn't enough so he chose red.

This guy just wants to sharpen pencils all day. He has now learned how to stick everything including his pinkie into the automatic pencil sharpener. Odin says maybe that is his calling.  sharpening pencils all day long.  Who wants that kind of job Jonah adds. Oh the conversations we have homeschooling can be funny and interesting.

Praying for nice weather for our rummage next week
Praying for Dave's pain to lessen and the blisters to go away
Praying we sell, sell, sell everything
Praying for colds in our house to be gone
and so thankful for all you prayer warriors out there praying for us
we love you dearly!