Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Missing in action...
We are doing everything rummage this week.  Monday we got the tables. Thank you everyone for letting us borrow them. Tuesday we got the tent and put it up.  Wednesday we finished putting everything out.  We have thousands of items that were donated from over 30 families. We have been so blessed with awesomeness!  We have 
male and female clothes from 0-3x(brand name and a lot with tags)
there are no  worn or stained clothing here!
office supplies
lots of books
kitchen supplies
lots of new games and puzzles
holiday things
car seats
lots of boy and girl Lego's
baby stuff
baby swing
lots of really nice shoes
brats and baked goods
donated handmade items from friends also

the rummage will be Thursday May 15 and Friday May 16th from 8-6
Saturday May 17th 8-5 
Please pray for awesome weather and that we sell everything!

Keep praying for Dave he is able to eat more things with less pain.

I will be missing in action until next week...this rummage thing is serious crazy buy fun!