Monday, May 26, 2014

after a few cancelled and rescheduled dates we finally made it to a follow up appointment with Dave's cancer team in Green Bay on Friday
that was 3 months to the day since his last treatment
we brought them a plate of chocolate chip cookies which they loved
it was nice to see everyone that we got to know so well over the time Dave spent there having his radiation treatments
everyone was so nice and a lot of hugs were shared with everyone 
our sitter cancelled so we brought all 5 kids
the older ones waited in the waiting room but Gabe came with us into the appointment
 he is full of entertainment

that little guy messed with everything in the exam room that he could get his hands on
the cancer team was happy with how well Dave is doing and the good news is that Dave got a big thumbs up for his recovery overall
this made Dave laugh because he still has some bad days with lots of pain and hurt but they are farther apart now and he is sleeping better too
of course they noticed Dave's weight loss but the good news is that his weight has been steady for the past week and he is able to taste more too
his favorite food being twizzlers
 turns out all the mouth sores and blisters he has in his throat are not as common with radiation treatments as we were told but they are a side effect of the treatment
they gave Dave a prescription which should help him
the doctor also scheduled Dave for his first PET scan in June
this will be our first real test to see if the cancer is all gone or not
the scan is scheduled for June 3rd and Dave will spend the whole day at the hospital with his team of doctors and doing physical therapy too
we are scheduled to go back to the Mayo Clinic a month later in July for another 2 days of follow up and research work
praying for a clear scan in a couple weeks
praying for Dave's weight to stay stable
praying for his sores and blisters to heal
Happy Memorial Day!