Friday, June 28, 2013

Grandma Mimi and Papa Julio
have we will be taking a break and we'll be back soon!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

poop in the pool

We were away with another family 
visiting a humongous water park
I was sitting along the edge with Gabe while he was sleeping
watching Jeremiah play and having fun

all of a sudden I saw him come running down the stairs
at lightning speed
he went into the water and squatted
of course I knew he was peeing
he couldn't hold it
but then
he wouldn't get up 
I was a good distance from him
and I wasn't going to leave Gabe
so I was waiting for him to get back up

after talking to him from a distance for at least 7 minutes
 I was starting to get angry
like...why are you not coming out of the pool when I have been asking you over and over again
I was doing the whole grit your teeth and yell silently thing
kind of moving my mouth really wide
over and over now for 5 more minutes
and then......
all of a sudden Miah moves 5 steps closer to getting out and then I see IT
Yup ....brown water all over following him every inch he moves
lots of chunks and brown water now everywhere
as he is making his way out of the pool towards me
Oh no....
My first thought was I hope nobody sees this
Dave just happens to walk up and he sees what is going on and takes Miah immediately to the bathroom to get cleaned up
Miah has poop all over his legs and in his suit
I quietly sat on the side and watched the 10 man team  evacuate everyone and start cleaning
this was the start of it all with the plastic buckets and gloves 

he felt bad afterward
he said he just couldn't hold it 
I can honestly say that this has never happened to me before
We never told the big kiddos because we knew that they would find it funny
Inside...Dave and I were chuckling too!

Monday, June 24, 2013

well we are officially done with school now
sorry I have been a little behind on my posts
that's where I am at right now with a little man that just doesn't want to sleep
I am ok with that for this time will pass
and I love snuggling with him

who can resisit those chubby cheeks and those toes
we hit a record last night though
he slept 5 hours...not continuous but overall 
that is huge!

love this letter Olivia made for her teacher
with some homemade frosted brownies

I didn't even know she knew what clip art was

We had our traditional sundaes for breakfast for the last day of school
nothing is better than ice cream for breakfast
then they are ready to sleep by the time they get to school

Odin was wondering why we don't get to do all the fun things like the others do at school the last 2 weeks
like watch movies, play games and clean out desks and have all these parties
 so I had to ease up on him the last week
 his kind of fun
 would consist of going to the homeless shelter
which is so sweet
this boy is so sensitive and always is thinking of others
On another note
I told him him that he is able to be home with me having fun all day and everyday and that should be enough
He was happy with that..

Olivia's flowers from the nature hill

A new way to sleep

Loving my life!

Friday, June 21, 2013

every year we have to repaint or play set
this thing is getting raggedy but they still love it
we got it for free so we are so grateful
trying to find a cheap slide and some more free wood to add onto it 
it's like having a mini park in your backyard

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

we love our old lite brites we have
we just need more pegs to go with them

teaching Gabe about Star Wars
he is already eating a storm trooper

one of the reasons Odin loves homeschooling 
is this little man

this little guy loves Scrabble
and is getting so big
it makes me sad to think he will be in Kindergarten next year
just want to keep him here with me
I don't know if I have patience to homeschool all of them yet.
this mommas going one at a time
love these big blessings of how good God is 

I love glittter messes
it seems to show up everywhere even after your done cleaning up

love Olivia's drawing

I love watching my husband cut the grass
his job is being taken over my 2 of his sons that want to split the job
they love cutting grass

This girl cracks me up

We are so blessed

Life is a gift

 today embrace Jesus, he will keep you going wherever you are, whatever your struggles he is with you.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day
You've stood by us, 
taken care of us
loved us unconditionally,
 protected us 
and you are an awesome Godly leader.


thank you for all these wonderful blessings
 I am so thankful you are their father!
Happy 10th Birthday Odin!
First kid in double digits
oh boy time is flying
and it makes this momma sad
and it even makes you sad
You wish you could stay young forever 

you are such a great kid
a little parental at times
you love taking care of Gabe and all little kiddos that come through our door
you are kind, loving and sweet
you rocked at Homeschooling this year
your favorite subjects are History and Science
you loved Albert Einstein

you have a heart for God which is the most important thing
your heart breaks for the less fortunate
I love to see how God puts things on your heart and you listen and ask
waiting for what you should do next


your passion to live in a bigger city to live closer to the homeless 
to do more and to serve
waiting for the Lord to direct your steps

Every elderly person and baby  is cute to you
you love love love your Lego's 
and books

your truly sensitive and I love it
I love how you cry weekly for others and pray for them

You have a love for little people
you always get second chances
you can never ask to many questions

Lone Ranger birthday cake
homemade cards which you love to read

had a camp out in the backyard with the tent from Auntie Annie

We love you dearly Odin
Happy Birthday!

Monday, June 10, 2013

crazy tough week
this little man tested my patience last week
He started with a fever on Tuesday which continued all the way until Friday
IT pretty much never broke from 103-104
I kept alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen but the darn thing wasn't moving
oh to say he was crabby was an understatement
he was getting up every hour all night every night 
I took him into the Dr. on Thursday because he seemed to be doing worse 
they gave him some medicine to use for the weekend in case he gets an ear infection
he had some congestion and fluid in his lungs
and just wasn't in the mood to eat much all week
then I noticed the fever was gone fast by Friday
but his body was covered in a rash  
all over like big red welts everywhere
his face and along his neck  looked swollen 
so we waited it out until yesterday
he was getting up the last 3 night now about every 10 minutes and just CRABBY!
still not eating much and just irritable even with Tylenol
so after church I took him to the walk in clinic 
he has a horse voice too which the kiddos thought was so cute along with his polka dot body
by this time I was about to take a nap at the Dr.s office I was so tired and crabby with the other kiddos and Dave of course
I have never been so tired before
the Dr. diagnosed him with Roseola
I have always heard of it but never knew what it was
he fit the definition to a T
so we just have to let it run it's course he said
so praying for a healthy man and some sleep...


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Back....

Back from my bloggy break
life is wild and crazy as usual just how I like it!!
I cannot wait until my kiddos are done with public school
I sure miss them all day long
Looking forward to the day when I teach all of them
I will be adding Jonah next year and he is super excited and he has been waiting patiently
The kiddos are done on the 11th of June
and Odin will be done a few days after I 'm sure
We will be doing some schooling during the summer though for all the kiddos
We have all agreed on some great things
more on that later  We have
 lots of fun things lined up for summer
which includes a lot of camping at our State Parks
This is our favorite thing to do in the summer
I do not like the heat at all
I am a 60's kind of temperature lady
state park camping is so cheap and easy
we have so many fun times together as a family camping
Oh I can smell the campfires and toasted marshmallows already
I love the cold mornings too..
the kiddos like to read on the porch in the morning
 Gabe is doing good just trying to master the sleep thing again.
He was doing so good there for awhile and lately he has been up every hour
I think because of his teeth
he's getting a 3rd
 and he is getting so much bigger and wants to go if only his legs and arms helped him!
The kiddos love this stage

Dave has been busy at work as always and I cannot wait to be able to read more books and do more writing once school is done.

playing headbands before school in the morning

thanks for your support, friendship and prayers!
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