Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Back....

Back from my bloggy break
life is wild and crazy as usual just how I like it!!
I cannot wait until my kiddos are done with public school
I sure miss them all day long
Looking forward to the day when I teach all of them
I will be adding Jonah next year and he is super excited and he has been waiting patiently
The kiddos are done on the 11th of June
and Odin will be done a few days after I 'm sure
We will be doing some schooling during the summer though for all the kiddos
We have all agreed on some great things
more on that later  We have
 lots of fun things lined up for summer
which includes a lot of camping at our State Parks
This is our favorite thing to do in the summer
I do not like the heat at all
I am a 60's kind of temperature lady
state park camping is so cheap and easy
we have so many fun times together as a family camping
Oh I can smell the campfires and toasted marshmallows already
I love the cold mornings too..
the kiddos like to read on the porch in the morning
 Gabe is doing good just trying to master the sleep thing again.
He was doing so good there for awhile and lately he has been up every hour
I think because of his teeth
he's getting a 3rd
 and he is getting so much bigger and wants to go if only his legs and arms helped him!
The kiddos love this stage

Dave has been busy at work as always and I cannot wait to be able to read more books and do more writing once school is done.

playing headbands before school in the morning

thanks for your support, friendship and prayers!