Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Odin!
First kid in double digits
oh boy time is flying
and it makes this momma sad
and it even makes you sad
You wish you could stay young forever 

you are such a great kid
a little parental at times
you love taking care of Gabe and all little kiddos that come through our door
you are kind, loving and sweet
you rocked at Homeschooling this year
your favorite subjects are History and Science
you loved Albert Einstein

you have a heart for God which is the most important thing
your heart breaks for the less fortunate
I love to see how God puts things on your heart and you listen and ask
waiting for what you should do next


your passion to live in a bigger city to live closer to the homeless 
to do more and to serve
waiting for the Lord to direct your steps

Every elderly person and baby  is cute to you
you love love love your Lego's 
and books

your truly sensitive and I love it
I love how you cry weekly for others and pray for them

You have a love for little people
you always get second chances
you can never ask to many questions

Lone Ranger birthday cake
homemade cards which you love to read

had a camp out in the backyard with the tent from Auntie Annie

We love you dearly Odin
Happy Birthday!