Wednesday, June 19, 2013

we love our old lite brites we have
we just need more pegs to go with them

teaching Gabe about Star Wars
he is already eating a storm trooper

one of the reasons Odin loves homeschooling 
is this little man

this little guy loves Scrabble
and is getting so big
it makes me sad to think he will be in Kindergarten next year
just want to keep him here with me
I don't know if I have patience to homeschool all of them yet.
this mommas going one at a time
love these big blessings of how good God is 

I love glittter messes
it seems to show up everywhere even after your done cleaning up

love Olivia's drawing

I love watching my husband cut the grass
his job is being taken over my 2 of his sons that want to split the job
they love cutting grass

This girl cracks me up

We are so blessed

Life is a gift

 today embrace Jesus, he will keep you going wherever you are, whatever your struggles he is with you.