Monday, June 24, 2013

well we are officially done with school now
sorry I have been a little behind on my posts
that's where I am at right now with a little man that just doesn't want to sleep
I am ok with that for this time will pass
and I love snuggling with him

who can resisit those chubby cheeks and those toes
we hit a record last night though
he slept 5 hours...not continuous but overall 
that is huge!

love this letter Olivia made for her teacher
with some homemade frosted brownies

I didn't even know she knew what clip art was

We had our traditional sundaes for breakfast for the last day of school
nothing is better than ice cream for breakfast
then they are ready to sleep by the time they get to school

Odin was wondering why we don't get to do all the fun things like the others do at school the last 2 weeks
like watch movies, play games and clean out desks and have all these parties
 so I had to ease up on him the last week
 his kind of fun
 would consist of going to the homeless shelter
which is so sweet
this boy is so sensitive and always is thinking of others
On another note
I told him him that he is able to be home with me having fun all day and everyday and that should be enough
He was happy with that..

Olivia's flowers from the nature hill

A new way to sleep

Loving my life!