Wednesday, June 26, 2013

poop in the pool

We were away with another family 
visiting a humongous water park
I was sitting along the edge with Gabe while he was sleeping
watching Jeremiah play and having fun

all of a sudden I saw him come running down the stairs
at lightning speed
he went into the water and squatted
of course I knew he was peeing
he couldn't hold it
but then
he wouldn't get up 
I was a good distance from him
and I wasn't going to leave Gabe
so I was waiting for him to get back up

after talking to him from a distance for at least 7 minutes
 I was starting to get angry
like...why are you not coming out of the pool when I have been asking you over and over again
I was doing the whole grit your teeth and yell silently thing
kind of moving my mouth really wide
over and over now for 5 more minutes
and then......
all of a sudden Miah moves 5 steps closer to getting out and then I see IT
Yup ....brown water all over following him every inch he moves
lots of chunks and brown water now everywhere
as he is making his way out of the pool towards me
Oh no....
My first thought was I hope nobody sees this
Dave just happens to walk up and he sees what is going on and takes Miah immediately to the bathroom to get cleaned up
Miah has poop all over his legs and in his suit
I quietly sat on the side and watched the 10 man team  evacuate everyone and start cleaning
this was the start of it all with the plastic buckets and gloves 

he felt bad afterward
he said he just couldn't hold it 
I can honestly say that this has never happened to me before
We never told the big kiddos because we knew that they would find it funny
Inside...Dave and I were chuckling too!