Friday, November 30, 2012

she is getting older
you can just tell in everything she does
she carries herself differently
she is such a mother hen
and loves babies
and orphans
she is always praying for more babies and for the orphans
she has a heart to always give
she is fearless
she loves her daddy so much

she is constantly leaving notes all over the house

we love you sweet girl!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

attack of the super hero's

this is what happens to our blind cords

Saturday, November 24, 2012

thank you
we are so blessed and so thankful for so may prayers and wonderful gifts 
i was so excited to have coffee
after I had the baby
especially a special coffee drink
it is a real treat...
when I got pregnant I cut out coffee cold turkey and had just a half a cup a day
so  I was super excited for my first cup from a friend

this beautiful handmade hat 

tons of wonderful and delicious meals
complete with desserts
because this family loves their sweets

lots of diapers and wipes which we love
I am all about things we need
 and some cute little outfits
some beautiful plants
and most of all 
we are so grateful for your prayers and your support

Olivia's mommy...daddy..and baby Gabe

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving
I am so blessed.  
 I am so thankful for my dear husband, my awesome children, all the wonderful people God has put into our lives, and for freedom!
Thank you all for being part of our lives.
With love from the Funkhousers  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

art day

it was a rainy day one Saturday when daddy was working
and this momma didn't have much energy
so we painted for 4 hours
until we ran out of paint
the kiddos had so much fun
Odin didn't want to paint this day
he chose to play instead
but they all did a great job

Olivia's rainbow

Jonah & Olivia's scarecrow

Jonah & Olivia's fall scene

I have to say I am proud of Jeremiah
he did this all himself
I just told him what to draw

Monday, November 19, 2012

we have been having a blast here homeschooling
this is how Odin lays out his clothes

we have good days and bad days
it seems to be about once a week where Odin just loses his focus
just daydreaming and
that's ok....
tomorrow is always a new day
some days he just wants to stare out the window and talk to me about his wishes and dreams.
I have started to realize that he has helped me slow down a bit
not that I am in a hurry or anything but if you know me I love to be busy....
I am a list person and love crossing things off and making new ones
I am not a relaxer by any means
I have realized  everything doesn't have to be done in such a timely fashion
which I like
The other afternoon Odin couldn't believe I had left a few dishes in the sink
which was unlike me and he noticed and did them 
he is getting to be so independent on this homeschooling adventure and I love it.
I love that he has the freedom of extra time -to play, think and imagine
I love reaching his heart not their minds at this age
what a privilege as their mom
they are just so delicate
I am learning just as much as he is and it's  so fun
I love this homeschooling thing
and so blessed to be able to do this

these 2 have so much fun during the day too
Jeremiah is so excited to play with Odin when he gets home from 4K
Odin loves it

Friday, November 16, 2012

this little man is doing good
eating and getting up about every 2-3 hours
pooping and peeing good
this is a heck of a lot better than what he was doing the first few nights.
he seemed like he just couldn't fall asleep without the pacifier or sucking on his hand
and he was uncomfortable
it was taking him hours to fall asleep
now I think he is getting it
he definitely needs to suck though
I am thinking he must of did alot of that in my belly
the rest of the kiddos never had a pacifier until they were a few months old
we actually switched formulas as well after a trip to the ER
We didn't put him on the same one as the other kiddos because it was so expensive
 but now we are on it and it seems to be working for the last few days

 he loves to be swaddled
sleeping good in his swing and bouncy seat for now
it seems like he needs to be upright yet after eating
he gets pretty gagy yet 
the kiddos are still crazy in love with him
Jeremiah reading to him before he leaves for school

 he  makes a lot of noise when he sleeps
he's like a little monster chowing down on some cookies

 We love you baby Gabe!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

 Random Halloween pictures
a little late.......
 we had pirates and Lord of the rings going on

they had fun getting candy
but didn't last long
they enjoy giving it away and watching all the kiddos come to the door.
All of their clothes came from Dave's re-enactment clothes
worked out great!

Monday, November 12, 2012

the birth
Thursday morning when I went for my usual 4 mile walk
I felt different
more pressure and more contractions
as the day progressed I seem to have contractions every 10 minutes for 4 hours straight but then they went away as the day went on
new homeschooling lesson for Odin
keeping track of my contractions on paper
they kept coming on and off throughout the day until 3 so I decided to just call the Dr. and ask what to do.
Come on in and I'll take a peek to see if you are dilated and we'll go from there
so I was only a 2 1/2  so he told me to walk for an hour or so and he will recheck me
walked around in circles for an hour in a half and dilated to 3 1/2
so the Dr. said walk some more and I will check you again
I'm telling you, they should have some reading material on the walls when you have to do that 
there is nothing to look at
another hour goes by and I am dilated to a 5 now
so he decides to keep me since we live farther away
broke my water by 8:30
started pitocen by 9:00 because I was only dilated to a 5
nanee brings all the kiddos up to say goodnight complete with hugs and kisses
Dr. gave  me some blood pressure medicine
I was gettting very dizzy
 it always goes down(70/40)for some reason
then my contractions were staying strong at every 2 1/2 minutes for about 2 hours
he checked me again and I was a 7 and then I got the epidural
well, that slowed me down which usually happens every time I get it
then we waited a few more hours and then we were ready by midnight
put my legs up and the head was out
1 little squeeze and there he was

I give all you mommas credit that are there all day waitingI am so lucky I have such nice and easy labors
sitting in the hospital bed was driving me crazy
 All I did was watch the food network(we don't have cable)
read and pray
thank goodness for visitors
there is a special story we will share soon on how I actually got pregnant with baby Gabe
I just love having babies.....
God is so good 
and we are so blessed!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

we are blessed

oh baby Gabe is loved
Dave and I can barely hold him
the kids are doing 15 minute intervals non stop
he is doing good
eating and pooping 
but not sleeping
this little man was up from 8-midnight
and then got up every hour from then on
I'm hoping this will change...
Coffee has never tasted so good!
I love good coffee and a good sweet creamer
God is good
and I am so in love with this little man...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Well we are sure are blessed
I will be writing  more later but here are some pictures of the kiddos loving on their new brother
hope this lasts with all these helpful and loving hands!
this was the start of our evening
this was after my water broke and I was having contractions every 3 minutes
they came to say goodnight and good luck

daddy taking a nap while we wait 

the kiddos brought this up to the hospital for him

I am loving the wrinkles and squishy skin
the kids cannot get enough of him
we are so blessed
thank you all for the prayers
lots of love from the funk's

Friday, November 2, 2012

Number 5 has Arrived!

Baby arrived!
(BLOG HI-JACK by husband Dave)
Just getting the word out that our newest family member arrived very early this morning.
Arrived at 12:12 am on November 2nd weighing in at 7lbs/5 oz and measuring 20 inches.
Both Mom and baby are doing very well and should come home on Sunday afternoon.
Mother was amazing (again!) and looks radiant and beautiful as always. 
"Baby Gabe" as his siblings call him, closely resembles his big brother Jonah (in my opinion) and his older siblings are SUPER excited to have him in our family.
We thank God for his blessing and this miracle that is life.
God Bless!
Mom will post more photos and info later...

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