Friday, November 16, 2012

this little man is doing good
eating and getting up about every 2-3 hours
pooping and peeing good
this is a heck of a lot better than what he was doing the first few nights.
he seemed like he just couldn't fall asleep without the pacifier or sucking on his hand
and he was uncomfortable
it was taking him hours to fall asleep
now I think he is getting it
he definitely needs to suck though
I am thinking he must of did alot of that in my belly
the rest of the kiddos never had a pacifier until they were a few months old
we actually switched formulas as well after a trip to the ER
We didn't put him on the same one as the other kiddos because it was so expensive
 but now we are on it and it seems to be working for the last few days

 he loves to be swaddled
sleeping good in his swing and bouncy seat for now
it seems like he needs to be upright yet after eating
he gets pretty gagy yet 
the kiddos are still crazy in love with him
Jeremiah reading to him before he leaves for school

 he  makes a lot of noise when he sleeps
he's like a little monster chowing down on some cookies

 We love you baby Gabe!