Monday, November 19, 2012

we have been having a blast here homeschooling
this is how Odin lays out his clothes

we have good days and bad days
it seems to be about once a week where Odin just loses his focus
just daydreaming and
that's ok....
tomorrow is always a new day
some days he just wants to stare out the window and talk to me about his wishes and dreams.
I have started to realize that he has helped me slow down a bit
not that I am in a hurry or anything but if you know me I love to be busy....
I am a list person and love crossing things off and making new ones
I am not a relaxer by any means
I have realized  everything doesn't have to be done in such a timely fashion
which I like
The other afternoon Odin couldn't believe I had left a few dishes in the sink
which was unlike me and he noticed and did them 
he is getting to be so independent on this homeschooling adventure and I love it.
I love that he has the freedom of extra time -to play, think and imagine
I love reaching his heart not their minds at this age
what a privilege as their mom
they are just so delicate
I am learning just as much as he is and it's  so fun
I love this homeschooling thing
and so blessed to be able to do this

these 2 have so much fun during the day too
Jeremiah is so excited to play with Odin when he gets home from 4K
Odin loves it