Monday, November 12, 2012

the birth
Thursday morning when I went for my usual 4 mile walk
I felt different
more pressure and more contractions
as the day progressed I seem to have contractions every 10 minutes for 4 hours straight but then they went away as the day went on
new homeschooling lesson for Odin
keeping track of my contractions on paper
they kept coming on and off throughout the day until 3 so I decided to just call the Dr. and ask what to do.
Come on in and I'll take a peek to see if you are dilated and we'll go from there
so I was only a 2 1/2  so he told me to walk for an hour or so and he will recheck me
walked around in circles for an hour in a half and dilated to 3 1/2
so the Dr. said walk some more and I will check you again
I'm telling you, they should have some reading material on the walls when you have to do that 
there is nothing to look at
another hour goes by and I am dilated to a 5 now
so he decides to keep me since we live farther away
broke my water by 8:30
started pitocen by 9:00 because I was only dilated to a 5
nanee brings all the kiddos up to say goodnight complete with hugs and kisses
Dr. gave  me some blood pressure medicine
I was gettting very dizzy
 it always goes down(70/40)for some reason
then my contractions were staying strong at every 2 1/2 minutes for about 2 hours
he checked me again and I was a 7 and then I got the epidural
well, that slowed me down which usually happens every time I get it
then we waited a few more hours and then we were ready by midnight
put my legs up and the head was out
1 little squeeze and there he was

I give all you mommas credit that are there all day waitingI am so lucky I have such nice and easy labors
sitting in the hospital bed was driving me crazy
 All I did was watch the food network(we don't have cable)
read and pray
thank goodness for visitors
there is a special story we will share soon on how I actually got pregnant with baby Gabe
I just love having babies.....
God is so good 
and we are so blessed!!!