Friday, August 31, 2012

nightly chats
Odin asks me the other night
do we all die mom?
do we get  to see our lives when we are young when we are in heaven?
 in case we forget something?
like a flashback?
I then started talking to him about life, god's plan for us and why we are here
I love how emotional and sad they get when they wonder what their going to do without you here
that gut wrenching feeling in their bellies that scare them to think of you not being here with them
I love the fact that my 9 year old cannot live without me still
and he is not afraid to show and tell me his emotions
they are so raw and real at this age
I remember being a little kid and always being scared of dying
love this job as a mommy
I am so thankful for the wonderful life we are blessed with... 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

an exciting change
we are getting close to the new school year starting and we are so excited.
we have always talked about this for the last few years and finally we are 
diving in
We will be home schooling this year
we have decided to start with Odin and then over the next few years 
gradually add a kid kind of thing. 
we have done years of research on curriculum's and looked into all sorts of stuff 
so we are finally going to do this and I am super pumped about it!
Odin is super excited and the other kiddos are a little jealous
(and I am a little sad and teary about them leaving me during the day)
 but it will all work out
I am so thankful that I  am able to give our kiddos this opportunity 
personalized education, develop in their own time, inspiration 
find and discover their life mission
  so Dave and I can help them on their way to that
thinking out side the box
and most of all I get to be with them all day every day
and be their teacher
what more could I ask for
I am super excited!
Now for the curriculum
 we will be using 
Heart of Dakota 
Preparing Hearts for His Glory

 for math we will be using 
Saxon Math





If you want more information on any of these listed above
please email me at

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i love kitchen helpers

We are going to be busy getting ready for school and taking care of some other things until next Thursday.
So in other words I  will be taking a blog vacation
Please keep praying for us and I am hoping to have more information for you all soon.
Thanks so much for your support and prayers.
We couldn't do this all without you.
We appreciate each and everyone of you!!!!!

Don't forget to check out our new fundraiser necklace on the sidebar!

Monday, August 20, 2012


 this little girl is getting big
she is seriously fearless
she makes this momma's heart more worried than the boys


she rides her bike like she's in a 100 mph chase with a bad guy 

constantly swerving

she ran right into the garbage can at full speed the other day while we were all outside sitting in the driveway
I couldn't help but laugh
she took a good chunk out of her knee going to fast around the corner
a wonderful neighbor brought her and her bike back because she was bleeding all down her leg

 she is constantly doing flips, handstands, cartwheels, back walk overs
pretty much anything gymnastics on things and every where we go
she trys to do back flips and cartwheels  into the pool
handstands and front walkovers on the concrete patio
cartwheels into our blow up pool from a running start
handstands running onto the couch
(waiting for her to put her feet right through the front windows)
handstands in every public bathroom against the wall
I was putting the grocery bags into the van at the grocery store the other day and she's doing a handstand against the van in the parking lot
she was trying to do hand stands on the base of a folding chair the other day when she was supposed to be cleaning up and the chair flipped on her
she was fine but I think my heart skipped a beat watching her
makes me laugh but nervous at the same time
I am just waiting for her to get hurt one of these days


she brings so much joy and happiness to everyone
she is truly a free spirit just like I was and am
that is what I love about her
Odin is always keeping tabs on what moves she is doing too..... 

keep the prayers coming
we should have some answers in a few weeks

Friday, August 17, 2012

redneck light sabers
Grandma Mimi and Papa Julio brought the kids some light swords and they loved them. We kept them only for camping trips and they lasted for awhile but ended up breaking. 2 of them broke on a a camping trip so only 2 kids had swords and the other 2 didn’t. Well that didn’t stop my husband “Duct Tape Dave” who quickly whipped up some makeshift light swords. He took an old bubble wand container, cut off one end and then using duct tape he put them on a small flashlight. Instant light sword. The kids love them and play with them all the time for hours and if they break, no big deal, we just put on another bubble wand. Dave’s dad has told me some stories of Dave and his amazing duct tape skills so I guess this another one for his book. Dave jokingly calls them his “redneck light sabers”

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New  Fundraiser
Check out  these beautiful handmade necklaces
a dear sweet friend made these for our adoption journey
we have become great friends  through the bloggy world
and I am so thankful for her help and guidance on this emotional roller coaster ride we are on
 I am so grateful

Hope Love Joy Fundraiser  
This listing includes:
~one 1" hammered silver/nickel washer
~one fresh water pearl
~one 18" chain (varies)

*Please note that each custom piece in hand stamped, one-letter-at-a-time, and imperfectly unique, so there may be slight differences in letter placement and spacing. This is not a defect. It is what gives 'character' to each creation. Unless requested otherwise, Jubilee's Jewels will choose the text used on each piece. If you have a preference, please note that at the time of check out. All chains are silver plated over copper. Sterling silver chains are available upon request for an additional charge. Please take the time to fully read the process of creating this timeless piece, before purchasing. 
You must order them through this link below

They make great gifts for anyone.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers...keep them coming.....

Monday, August 13, 2012

visit from Dave's sister and family
from Palo Alto CA
it was just for 1 day but we had a blast!
We haven't seen each other in about 4 years 
it is so fun to see how the kiddos have grown

                        thanks for all the clothes and goodies
                                we appreciate them and  
                    most of all thanks for the awesome memories! 

                  Keep praying we are still waiting for paperwork!

Friday, August 10, 2012

                                                              summer fun

                          making up games on the driveway

           playing lord of the rings on the hill across the street

                               lots and lots of swimming

                              making waves in their pool
                       and watching their Lego boats sink

     these work way better than squirt guns and they were only $1
                                         (thanks Nanee)

I cannot believe August is half way over and school will be 
                                       starting  soon.  
                                     time goes so fast
                                   keep praying for us
                                       Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hoop design
I had some old wooden hoops I gathered from rummage sales and goodwill
  Michaels or Hobby Lobby have them too.

I painted them white with spray paint
looking back I would've done mustard yellow

went through some bags of old fabric I have.
measured and cut to fit the hoop

this is where they went
(sorry about the crooked picture) 

they worked out great
you could really do so many colors of paint and fabric for every room if you like hoops.

Monday, August 6, 2012

lego foam swords

thank you for the lego foam swords Grandma Mimi
they are holding up great and we cannot get enough of them! 

keep us in your prayers please!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Drive in Movie
Nanee(my mom) took the kiddos to their first drive in movie
they saw Madagascar 3
they thought the whole idea was fun
bring your own popcorn and drinks
being outside
and getting eaten alive by mosquito's
thanks for the fun memories Nanee!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

 a trip to Sara and Bud's

the field for walks is awesome

Odin was having so much fun in the hammock he flew into the tree

thank you for a wonderful dinner and
awesome memories
the kiddos always want to move to the country
 when we come there!
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