Wednesday, August 29, 2012

an exciting change
we are getting close to the new school year starting and we are so excited.
we have always talked about this for the last few years and finally we are 
diving in
We will be home schooling this year
we have decided to start with Odin and then over the next few years 
gradually add a kid kind of thing. 
we have done years of research on curriculum's and looked into all sorts of stuff 
so we are finally going to do this and I am super pumped about it!
Odin is super excited and the other kiddos are a little jealous
(and I am a little sad and teary about them leaving me during the day)
 but it will all work out
I am so thankful that I  am able to give our kiddos this opportunity 
personalized education, develop in their own time, inspiration 
find and discover their life mission
  so Dave and I can help them on their way to that
thinking out side the box
and most of all I get to be with them all day every day
and be their teacher
what more could I ask for
I am super excited!
Now for the curriculum
 we will be using 
Heart of Dakota 
Preparing Hearts for His Glory

 for math we will be using 
Saxon Math





If you want more information on any of these listed above
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