Friday, August 31, 2012

nightly chats
Odin asks me the other night
do we all die mom?
do we get  to see our lives when we are young when we are in heaven?
 in case we forget something?
like a flashback?
I then started talking to him about life, god's plan for us and why we are here
I love how emotional and sad they get when they wonder what their going to do without you here
that gut wrenching feeling in their bellies that scare them to think of you not being here with them
I love the fact that my 9 year old cannot live without me still
and he is not afraid to show and tell me his emotions
they are so raw and real at this age
I remember being a little kid and always being scared of dying
love this job as a mommy
I am so thankful for the wonderful life we are blessed with...