Friday, August 17, 2012

redneck light sabers
Grandma Mimi and Papa Julio brought the kids some light swords and they loved them. We kept them only for camping trips and they lasted for awhile but ended up breaking. 2 of them broke on a a camping trip so only 2 kids had swords and the other 2 didn’t. Well that didn’t stop my husband “Duct Tape Dave” who quickly whipped up some makeshift light swords. He took an old bubble wand container, cut off one end and then using duct tape he put them on a small flashlight. Instant light sword. The kids love them and play with them all the time for hours and if they break, no big deal, we just put on another bubble wand. Dave’s dad has told me some stories of Dave and his amazing duct tape skills so I guess this another one for his book. Dave jokingly calls them his “redneck light sabers”