Monday, August 20, 2012


 this little girl is getting big
she is seriously fearless
she makes this momma's heart more worried than the boys


she rides her bike like she's in a 100 mph chase with a bad guy 

constantly swerving

she ran right into the garbage can at full speed the other day while we were all outside sitting in the driveway
I couldn't help but laugh
she took a good chunk out of her knee going to fast around the corner
a wonderful neighbor brought her and her bike back because she was bleeding all down her leg

 she is constantly doing flips, handstands, cartwheels, back walk overs
pretty much anything gymnastics on things and every where we go
she trys to do back flips and cartwheels  into the pool
handstands and front walkovers on the concrete patio
cartwheels into our blow up pool from a running start
handstands running onto the couch
(waiting for her to put her feet right through the front windows)
handstands in every public bathroom against the wall
I was putting the grocery bags into the van at the grocery store the other day and she's doing a handstand against the van in the parking lot
she was trying to do hand stands on the base of a folding chair the other day when she was supposed to be cleaning up and the chair flipped on her
she was fine but I think my heart skipped a beat watching her
makes me laugh but nervous at the same time
I am just waiting for her to get hurt one of these days


she brings so much joy and happiness to everyone
she is truly a free spirit just like I was and am
that is what I love about her
Odin is always keeping tabs on what moves she is doing too..... 

keep the prayers coming
we should have some answers in a few weeks