Monday, June 29, 2015

random acts of kindness, summer list, busy happy kiddos

Gabe is making dirt cake(crushing oreos) and Olivia is doing random acts of kindness(taping jars). Our kids love dirt cake.  They would make it every time we have friends over.  They all argue over licking the bowl when it's gone. 

She did these all herself and picked 4 lucky people to give them too.

Crafting as a family here.  The boys are actually digging this too. They all love getting craft kits as gifts.  They save them for the summer when they are looking for things to do. 

We got out the bin of beans and rice.  It makes a complete disaster but they love it.  Better in the summer because we can put it outside and sweep the extras we miss into the grass.

It's water balloon time.  I wish they came up with a device that automatically ties these darn little things. They love these things.

Dad made our summer list..We've already done a drive with Nanee to see Jurassic World, bike rides and ice cream at Scoops is our favorite.  I can't believe it's July already.  Summer is flying by. 

They love looking for frogs and turtles at the park.  They are always asking us about getting pets and a trampoline.

Me in my parka, sweatshirt and a t-shirt.  I am always cold.  We have been busy doing little school stuff, moving stuff around, deep cleaning every room and organizing the house.  Deep cleaning is so time consuming and serious hard work.  I don't like to clean!! It was exhausting moving every piece of furniture in the house and vacuuming and cleaning behind it.  My mom and I scrubbed all the windows with a toothbrush and cleaned those as well. The whole time the kids were being nut jobs and horsing around and my mom and I sweating bullets here.  It felt great to be done with it though.  The kids were having so much fun with all the Legos and papers they kept finding behind things.  

We moved beds again and switched some kiddos around but they never seem to stay.  They all just love to sleep with each other.  It's now Miah's turn to have Gabe sleep with him.  First time and  he loves it of course.  

We will be tied up with some things were working on for the next few weeks so we will check back in when we can.  Thanks for loving us.

Love wins
Have a great Fourth of July!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Trains, Avengers 2, big love
Lines, lines lines for Gabe.  He is always lining everything up in lines.  A few of our children did the whole OCD line thing. 

We have some serious Avengers and Marvel crazies here.

  Olivia and Jeremiah have been doing summer school and they love it.  I do wish they would pro rate it because it cost a lot.  We pay for the full 4 weeks and we can only make 2.  I kind of feel like the money just gets thrown out the window.  Those are the 2 kids  that get BORED the most. They are not allowed to use that word in the house but momma can.  It has thrown our schedule of a bit because they are done at noon and that's when Gabe naps.  So we are adjusting accordingly and he is getting down by 1 now at least.  

Went to a graduation party for a friend of a friend that graduated from the police academy.  Olivia made her a police bracelet and police sand.  You can throw it on bad guys and they disappear she said!

 The kids have been into the blessing each other thing lately.  Jonah went for a bike ride for his exercise the other day and went to kwik trip and bought everyone a doughnut and Gabe a cookie(this kid cannot be ours.  Who doesn't like donuts?) and me 2 packages of sour cream(he didn't know that sour cream at a gas station is double price practically).  I have been out for some time and they have asked me to make coffee cake but I needed sour cream.

 Later on that day he went and bought everybody lunch.  Subs for everyone and chicken tenders for Olivia at another restaurant because she doesn't eat subs.   Then another time he took Odin out for ice cream at Dairy Queen and gave Miah 3 tickets of his own because Miah didn't have any left.  Oh, he spends things as soon as he gets them. 
Even though they squabble every day, they still love on each other with deep love.

Hope you are having a great summer.
Love always wins!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day
(post from last year)

Where do I start…I love you more than ever.  We are so blessed and I am so thankful you are here with us.  It makes me cry to think that you might not have been here.  Writing this makes me cry. Even though we're in the recovery stage this cancer journey has taught me a lot about love.  Laughing more.   Crying more.    Holding each other more. Loving on others more.  Taking  the time for us more.  Giggling over simple moments and teasing about serious things in a light hearted kind of way. If you know Dave he has a sense of humor.  I do not.  Some of our kiddos have the same sense of humor.  Some moments have been stumbling to get through(medical bills) but the grace of laughter and love always get us through.   I can see how cancer can destroy a family.  That is why the time we spend now- our healthy efforts in love- MATTER. The investment in love we make today matters in all of our tomorrow’s.  Suffering came.  Our love story was prepared to face it. This cancer drew our hearts nearer to one another and Jesus. 
Thank you for loving our kids in all their strange demands. Thank you for lying with them at night and tucking them in.  Thank you for patiently teaching them. Thank you for constantly filling my empty gas tanks.  Thank you for protecting us. You are always so brave and strong.  Thank you for being compassionate and courageous in so many ways. Thank you for finding joy in the simple things. We love you.  Thank you for loving our kids with kindness when you don’t feel kind.   Joy always returned quickly on your hard days.  God’s grace and forgiveness is so good.
 You are a gift to my heart. 
I love you!

Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Everything in our lives seems to work in three's.
Always the bad things.  
We started our summer out grand over here at the Funk's
Jonah broke his glasses.  Of course the company we got them from doesn't carry the frame anymore so we had to order it directly.  

Next up we have the garage door.  I went to close the garage door and all of a sudden I heard a crazy noise.  I Look out the door and see a crooked garage door and a bent panel.  Seriously.  Called the garage door guys which happen to be our friends too and he was able to come over and fix it the next day.  We totally thought it was the kids fault. The spring broke and that bent the track. The kids were so excited that we had to apologize to them and that it wasn't their fault.  Thank you so much Troy for fixing it!

Last, We were at my parents house eating dinner and the kids were playing flashlight tag downstairs.  Olivia jumped out at Odin and knocked him in the teeth with the metal flashlight.  Chipped 2 of his permanent teeth on the bottom.  We cannot get in until July 1st so he will just have to adjust accordingly.  
I am starting to wish bad things happening wouldn't cost us any money.  

 Happy Thursday!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy 12th birthday Odin!
You have such a sweet, giving and loving spirit. 
Always ready to help and serve others.  
You are so excited to see what God's plan is for you.  
 You have a hard time receiving things for yourself. 
 Always wanting to give it to others. 
 Love where God has you.

lover of Legos, marvel action hero's, star wars
 books, books, and more books, camping, his sister and brothers, wrestling, swimming, art, drawing,
cooking and baking
staying up late
driving  in the dark
likes things neat and orderly
can't wait to have a family some day
you still want to join the coast guard and be a photographer

 You pretty much had a marvel kind of birthday.  Complete with cake, books, figures and a Lego set.  
We had a great day!

Monday, June 8, 2015

 First camping trip and the kids paid for it.

We organized our extra room finally.  Most of those bins are girls clothes from Olivia.  Birth on up.  We should've finished that room when we built this house.  It would've been a great home school/art/craft room.  

She is the daisy collector for sure.  If you get a random delivery of daisies, it's totally from her.

These 3 hoodlums in the hammock.  They live for the hammock.  Wish we had trees in our yard to hold it up.  They always ask for one in the yard to sit and read in.

We found this cute little used book store the kids loved.  They had some really fun bird books for Olivia and fun games out to play.

We never go camping where there is a pool so they got spoiled.  They loved it.

This is awesome.  I could totally live in this with the family way out west somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  We could have chickens, a big tree house a garden and so much more!

Love my chair from Dave for $.50.  What a steal.  I am an old and vintage kind of gal.

 Love the look of clotheslines.  They look so peaceful and old fashioned.

I had my mom make this cool toothbrush holder for us.  It was awesome.  All you do is roll it up and tie it shut.  When your done using it the whole thing goes in the wash.  Splendid idea! 

This guy tried another food...fudge pops.  He loved them.  We just keep praying for him to try more things and actually like them.

We had so much fun.  This should be our last week of school. Cleaning up and organizing our home school room.  These last few days have been beautiful with 60 degree weather. 
 Have a great Monday!
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