Thursday, June 25, 2015

Trains, Avengers 2, big love
Lines, lines lines for Gabe.  He is always lining everything up in lines.  A few of our children did the whole OCD line thing. 

We have some serious Avengers and Marvel crazies here.

  Olivia and Jeremiah have been doing summer school and they love it.  I do wish they would pro rate it because it cost a lot.  We pay for the full 4 weeks and we can only make 2.  I kind of feel like the money just gets thrown out the window.  Those are the 2 kids  that get BORED the most. They are not allowed to use that word in the house but momma can.  It has thrown our schedule of a bit because they are done at noon and that's when Gabe naps.  So we are adjusting accordingly and he is getting down by 1 now at least.  

Went to a graduation party for a friend of a friend that graduated from the police academy.  Olivia made her a police bracelet and police sand.  You can throw it on bad guys and they disappear she said!

 The kids have been into the blessing each other thing lately.  Jonah went for a bike ride for his exercise the other day and went to kwik trip and bought everyone a doughnut and Gabe a cookie(this kid cannot be ours.  Who doesn't like donuts?) and me 2 packages of sour cream(he didn't know that sour cream at a gas station is double price practically).  I have been out for some time and they have asked me to make coffee cake but I needed sour cream.

 Later on that day he went and bought everybody lunch.  Subs for everyone and chicken tenders for Olivia at another restaurant because she doesn't eat subs.   Then another time he took Odin out for ice cream at Dairy Queen and gave Miah 3 tickets of his own because Miah didn't have any left.  Oh, he spends things as soon as he gets them. 
Even though they squabble every day, they still love on each other with deep love.

Hope you are having a great summer.
Love always wins!