Monday, June 8, 2015

 First camping trip and the kids paid for it.

We organized our extra room finally.  Most of those bins are girls clothes from Olivia.  Birth on up.  We should've finished that room when we built this house.  It would've been a great home school/art/craft room.  

She is the daisy collector for sure.  If you get a random delivery of daisies, it's totally from her.

These 3 hoodlums in the hammock.  They live for the hammock.  Wish we had trees in our yard to hold it up.  They always ask for one in the yard to sit and read in.

We found this cute little used book store the kids loved.  They had some really fun bird books for Olivia and fun games out to play.

We never go camping where there is a pool so they got spoiled.  They loved it.

This is awesome.  I could totally live in this with the family way out west somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  We could have chickens, a big tree house a garden and so much more!

Love my chair from Dave for $.50.  What a steal.  I am an old and vintage kind of gal.

 Love the look of clotheslines.  They look so peaceful and old fashioned.

I had my mom make this cool toothbrush holder for us.  It was awesome.  All you do is roll it up and tie it shut.  When your done using it the whole thing goes in the wash.  Splendid idea! 

This guy tried another food...fudge pops.  He loved them.  We just keep praying for him to try more things and actually like them.

We had so much fun.  This should be our last week of school. Cleaning up and organizing our home school room.  These last few days have been beautiful with 60 degree weather. 
 Have a great Monday!