Monday, June 29, 2015

random acts of kindness, summer list, busy happy kiddos

Gabe is making dirt cake(crushing oreos) and Olivia is doing random acts of kindness(taping jars). Our kids love dirt cake.  They would make it every time we have friends over.  They all argue over licking the bowl when it's gone. 

She did these all herself and picked 4 lucky people to give them too.

Crafting as a family here.  The boys are actually digging this too. They all love getting craft kits as gifts.  They save them for the summer when they are looking for things to do. 

We got out the bin of beans and rice.  It makes a complete disaster but they love it.  Better in the summer because we can put it outside and sweep the extras we miss into the grass.

It's water balloon time.  I wish they came up with a device that automatically ties these darn little things. They love these things.

Dad made our summer list..We've already done a drive with Nanee to see Jurassic World, bike rides and ice cream at Scoops is our favorite.  I can't believe it's July already.  Summer is flying by. 

They love looking for frogs and turtles at the park.  They are always asking us about getting pets and a trampoline.

Me in my parka, sweatshirt and a t-shirt.  I am always cold.  We have been busy doing little school stuff, moving stuff around, deep cleaning every room and organizing the house.  Deep cleaning is so time consuming and serious hard work.  I don't like to clean!! It was exhausting moving every piece of furniture in the house and vacuuming and cleaning behind it.  My mom and I scrubbed all the windows with a toothbrush and cleaned those as well. The whole time the kids were being nut jobs and horsing around and my mom and I sweating bullets here.  It felt great to be done with it though.  The kids were having so much fun with all the Legos and papers they kept finding behind things.  

We moved beds again and switched some kiddos around but they never seem to stay.  They all just love to sleep with each other.  It's now Miah's turn to have Gabe sleep with him.  First time and  he loves it of course.  

We will be tied up with some things were working on for the next few weeks so we will check back in when we can.  Thanks for loving us.

Love wins
Have a great Fourth of July!