Thursday, June 18, 2015


Everything in our lives seems to work in three's.
Always the bad things.  
We started our summer out grand over here at the Funk's
Jonah broke his glasses.  Of course the company we got them from doesn't carry the frame anymore so we had to order it directly.  

Next up we have the garage door.  I went to close the garage door and all of a sudden I heard a crazy noise.  I Look out the door and see a crooked garage door and a bent panel.  Seriously.  Called the garage door guys which happen to be our friends too and he was able to come over and fix it the next day.  We totally thought it was the kids fault. The spring broke and that bent the track. The kids were so excited that we had to apologize to them and that it wasn't their fault.  Thank you so much Troy for fixing it!

Last, We were at my parents house eating dinner and the kids were playing flashlight tag downstairs.  Olivia jumped out at Odin and knocked him in the teeth with the metal flashlight.  Chipped 2 of his permanent teeth on the bottom.  We cannot get in until July 1st so he will just have to adjust accordingly.  
I am starting to wish bad things happening wouldn't cost us any money.  

 Happy Thursday!