Tuesday, May 4, 2021

random april and life is going way to fast for me

 serious amount of oil free hashbrowns..get in my belly!

I love when the boys have friends over and they treat our littles like their little brothers too...big win for this momma💓💓💓

Liv's little doodles that i love

family workouts are the best 👍

I've lived enough broken and loved enough friends through their own cracks to know that redeemed is not the same as fixed and that holes can still ache even when we're whole again.  

Death, divorce, loss, heartbreak-admitting them doesn't make them immune.  

Or cancel the loss. 
Or restore the missing.

Sometimes saying it out loud is an invitation to the God who already knows to lay himself down in our rips and tears and hold us together - often through the arms of our friends.

the people who hear us whisper I'm not fine.
Jesus is in the business of making all things new!

(thankful for Liv's friends that braid my hair)

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