Monday, July 17, 2017


We can never get enough of these colorful things.  Sooo much work and they only last a few minutes.

2 of us love cauliflower rice.  We have been making this for many years, it just takes a lot of time and it's gone in 1 sitting.  Add in some eggs and amino acids. So worth it's health and deliciousness!

Serious lunch battles going on here.

We only get these big boxes once in awhile.  When we have them..... they are so much fun. 

Love to cook in this beauty my husband got me many years ago.

Our own little worker man straight from the library

He always wondered why Gabe has to sit in the corner he went and tried it himself.  The kids and I were dying of laughter at this point.

Goodies from festival with their gift cards...thank you!

We broke all the allergy rules~

Thank you for the berry blessing

Liv and Gabe were having fun while I was putting Abraham down for a nap.  His posing is hilarious.

Abraham is not enthused about what his sister wants to do to him.
Watch out Gabe you're next!

Our first harvest.  They were so excited.  First year doing beets.  It was a lot of work peeling and roasting them for my salads.  I have never done this before.  They were so good.  Abraham was the only one who loved them with me.  We used the beet leaves for our smoothies.

thank you for filling our fridge with food while we were camping.  We appreciate it!

Our summer is flying by.  

We have been having play dates almost every day, volunteering a lot, hanging out doing math and Dr. appointments none the less.  

Here's to another great week!