Wednesday, July 12, 2017

back home
(having a problem with my blog here)

We were gone on a 10 day camping trip to one of our faves..Devils Lake State Park. Getting back into the swing of things over here at the funk household and catching up on things. 
I was downloading pictures and came across these beauties that Olivia took.  It's always fun to see what she captures.

Seriously...this little star just plops down every time some one is eating and just digs in.  He'll just swipe it off your plate sometimes.  It's so hard to resist his cuteness.


 Can you find the lawn lounger?  This little guy will just lay in the middle of the lawn sometimes.  Like he's just chillaxing.

Abraham has been doing pretty good sleeping upstairs in Odin's room these last few months.  Apparently we should've done this awhile ago.  Odin just gets up, pats his butt and gets him situated and he's good to go.  He's been sleeping in too which is a big help to everyone.

Guess who did this?
His hair is so much fun to do things with.
Headbands, hairbands, barrettes and clips.

My dear friend and her kids came for a much needed visit. It's been too many years.  Thank you for coming and hanging with us for a few days my dear..we love you dearly.

Love this transportation chaos

love taking naps with this little star..

What kid doesn't like water.
All day any day 2 of my kiddos will play in it whenever they get the chance. 

Have a great Wednesday!