Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Devils Lake 2017

We were blessed with a 10 day camping trip at Devil's Lake.  We pretty much had wonderful weather and rain a few days with some loud boomers.  Our site was a tad muddy but the little's seemed to have a lot of fun in it all. I have a few posts of all the pictures, so grab a cup of coffee or water and chill out for a bit.  

This is what a rainy day looks like for us.  There is so much wrestling going on, the camper feels like it's going to break with everyone jumping around in it. 

We took a free ferry ride for an adventure.  I was dying of laughter the whole time.  We just drove right off the street (no waiting in line) on to the ferry and went right back again.  The kids loved it.

Another rainy night..killing time.  I saw this little girl drinking her grandma's little half and halfs in the play area. So interesting...

And another rainy day...keeping busy.  The bigs were trying to get to the highest point on these things.  Hilarious.

They love the hiking trails there.  They are soo much fun.  Dave does the big steep ones with the older ones and I hang with the little's.

These two loved all the creepy crawly things swimming in this little pool of water...

another rainy day...entertaining Abraham in a toy store was hilarious.  Poor guy...we kept scaring him!

We had lots of bean bag and ladder ball tournaments too.

Have a wonderful Thursday!