Monday, May 15, 2017


 Not sure what's going on at the Funk house but everyone is growing and I can't believe how much they eat.  Everybody always says that but you never understand until you're in it.  It's crazy good and fun at the same time.  I love being home with all my stars all day and prepping them, training them, teaching them and most of all loving on them and talking through life.  

 When you focus on living only in the grace of this moment is exactly when you get the grace of a momentous life. Live in the moment-and you get a momentous life.

Love these conversations that come up.  Whatever is tugging on their hearts or whatever they have questions about.  

Being able to be there for them all day and talk through things is truly a gift.

Just for fun I kept track of what we eat in a week just of fruit.  This is only 3 kids eating this and Dave and I are a small portion of it.  Seriously like a quarter of it.
I usually have fruits and veggies out all day so they can much when they are hungry.  

5 oval watermelons...BIG
(2 in one day..they were sooo good)
4 cantaloupe
9 lbs of grapes
1 pineapple
12 lbs of strawberries
42 pink lady apples
6 bananas

 We are so thankful and blessed!
Have a wonderful Monday!