Thursday, May 18, 2017

the results are in

Jeremiah has been having a lot of similar symptoms that Odin had these past 6 months.  The testing is expensive and is not covered by insurance.  So we kind of had to wait until we could pay for it ourselves.  
6 viles of blood later and we have results.  He's allergic to more things than Odin and of course it's things he loves.  It always seems to work out that way.  
Sweet potato, white potato, chicken, apple, egg yolk, peas, any kind of sugar, msg, HFCS, polysorbate 80, gluten, and milk. So Monday we started.  Let me tell's so hard sometimes to take it all away.  We are going to try a 4 day rotation first and see how that goes.  We did the same with Odin and it worked great.  This may take awhile for Jeremiah since he loves to eat! 

Say a prayer for us please!