Monday, October 3, 2016

4th week

Odin learned about Andrew Carthage and learning about changing colors for Science and finished the baook Factory Girl.  That was a really interesting book.  We learned a lot.

Jonah was learning about the magnetic sphere, St. Patrick and finished the book Forbidden Gates 

Olivia learned a lot about Moses, beavers and pandas, and finished the book called A Family Apart.

Jeremiah finished George Rogers Clark, started Thomas Edison and Sarah Plain and Tall.  This guy is rocking his reading.

 These were our AWANA nerds for Gods Word

Gabe is doing good with his name.

They  all did some art this week.  Drawing a dress and a cat for the big ones and Jeremiah was working with warm and cool colors.  Olivia worked on learning how to crochet.  Too much sitting for her but she liked it.  She's a busy body.  Our home school group is so much fun every year.  The kids wish it was weekly.  I think the teachers would all be burnt out then.  Lots of new families with great kids.   We leave at 745 and get home by 245.  It's a long fun day!

Olivia has been doing great training for her 5K she will do in November.  Her thighs have been burning as she says.  She's having a lot of fun with it. and so thankful she was able to be part of the team.

 We had a run with the Dr. office twice these last 2 weeks. This last spring I never knew how expensive casts were until Olivia broke her 2 arms. Jeremiah broke part of his radius and we ended up talking the Dr. into a half cast because it was way cheaper.  After wearing it we can see why.  Then for lunch 1 day we were hanging with our friends and Olivia flew off of this crazy circular playground thing and came crying back.  She never cries when she's hurt at all so I knew she was hurt.  We took her in to do ex rays the following day because it was sore to the touch and a bit numbing.  Everything was good though.  

First time coming out of ex rays and nothing was broken.  
Praise the Lord! 

Olivia's pick for the month!

 Have a great Monday!