Wednesday, October 5, 2016


One of the kiddos wanted to make apple pie.  We are not pie eaters at all. If we want desserts...we want chocolate.  Fruit is not dessert!  
Olivia's little apple pie.

Gabe is always making bridges with various things in the house.

Olivia has been making these t-shirt bags ever since last home school co-op day.  They are totally easy and cute. 

Liv took this hence the crookedness. So happy to have the fall mantel done.  We love fall in our house.  Fires, crunchy leaves, beautiful colors, football season, a reason for hot chocolate, warmer clothes, and it's closer to snow!  Now if we only had some big trees to be able to rake some leaves.  The kids love to rake leaves and jump in them.  Great side job for fall I told them!

Jonah's been on a baking kick.  He made a delicious Oreo chocolate cheesecake.  Yummy, and oh so good!

Have a fabulous day!