Thursday, September 29, 2016


These were taken on my morning walks with Abraham at Peninsula State Park.
Walking was the only way to keep a 1 year old quiet at 5 in the morning. 

If you hold back from love- move. 
If you withdrawal when your heart is asked of you- stop hiding. 
If you are fearful of being hurt so much that you keep yourself away from the love of another- trust me, you will regret it.
 Open wide your hands to your story. 
Look closely at us all- we are ALL broken. 
Stop hiding- thinking you are the only one.
 We all are needy. 
Needy of a community that will share the burden of today with us. 
People to point us to Jesus. 
You see, I could  never cure my friends, cure their heartache or loneliness, but I can point them to Jesus- they can point me to Jesus… 
These last few weeks brought a lot of sadness from all different friends.
Sudden deaths, sicknesses, bad news, 
That is what community and friendship is meant for in it’s sweetest definition. 
People to help us laugh when all we’ve done for a week is cry.
 Oh my loves, don’t be afraid of love. 
The riches of our relationships is all that matters. 
Have a fantastic day!