Monday, September 26, 2016

3rd week
 Odin is learning about an Hawaiian princess who came to America, electrons and atoms in Science, learning about different cultures and their beliefs
Jonah is learning about Venus and volcanoes, Attila and the Huns, using compasses, and different ways to use knives.

Olivia is learning  about animals on the 6th day, she made an Egyptian headdress and a shepherds crook.
Jeremiah is learning about  Henry Hudson, Captain John Smith, being bold in your faith and beliefs,  and just started reading Sarah Plain and Tall.
These were our anniversary cards from the kiddos.  They are so cute.  
Love their hearts.
(football and guns)

We have had a great start to our homeschooling.  So thankful for that.  They seem to be done still at about 8 or 9 with their day because they are up early.  Jeremiah is the only one that is usually schooling until noonish.  Life is grand for him at a slower speed.  
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Have a great start to a new week!