Friday, September 23, 2016

 Thank you for the blessings this month.  We greatly appreciate them.  The kids enjoy picking things out at Festival.

Our garden is producing.  The watermelon was very seedy but it tasted fine and the cantaloupe was very juicy.  If fruit is yucky at our house we set it aside for smoothies.  I hate to waste ere.  We roasted the zucchini and squash for lunch.  Everything gets eaten pretty quick at this house.

Olivia and Gabe went to town painting one day. 

We seem to be just baking chocolate chip cookies to bless others with these past few months.  Our random acts of kindness are pretty simple these days.  Cookies are easy so I always use them as a fall back for when all the neighborhood kids are at the house and for babysitting.  Who doesn't eat a chocolate chip cookie?

My zucchini helper.  When I have an abundance of it we shred it and freeze it.  There are so many yummy recipes with it in.  We have a brownie one, chocolate cupcake and a muffin one we use all the time.  

Have a great weekend!