Thursday, September 29, 2016


These were taken on my morning walks with Abraham at Peninsula State Park.
Walking was the only way to keep a 1 year old quiet at 5 in the morning. 

If you hold back from love- move. 
If you withdrawal when your heart is asked of you- stop hiding. 
If you are fearful of being hurt so much that you keep yourself away from the love of another- trust me, you will regret it.
 Open wide your hands to your story. 
Look closely at us all- we are ALL broken. 
Stop hiding- thinking you are the only one.
 We all are needy. 
Needy of a community that will share the burden of today with us. 
People to point us to Jesus. 
You see, I could  never cure my friends, cure their heartache or loneliness, but I can point them to Jesus- they can point me to Jesus… 
These last few weeks brought a lot of sadness from all different friends.
Sudden deaths, sicknesses, bad news, 
That is what community and friendship is meant for in it’s sweetest definition. 
People to help us laugh when all we’ve done for a week is cry.
 Oh my loves, don’t be afraid of love. 
The riches of our relationships is all that matters. 
Have a fantastic day!

Monday, September 26, 2016

3rd week
 Odin is learning about an Hawaiian princess who came to America, electrons and atoms in Science, learning about different cultures and their beliefs
Jonah is learning about Venus and volcanoes, Attila and the Huns, using compasses, and different ways to use knives.

Olivia is learning  about animals on the 6th day, she made an Egyptian headdress and a shepherds crook.
Jeremiah is learning about  Henry Hudson, Captain John Smith, being bold in your faith and beliefs,  and just started reading Sarah Plain and Tall.
These were our anniversary cards from the kiddos.  They are so cute.  
Love their hearts.
(football and guns)

We have had a great start to our homeschooling.  So thankful for that.  They seem to be done still at about 8 or 9 with their day because they are up early.  Jeremiah is the only one that is usually schooling until noonish.  Life is grand for him at a slower speed.  
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Have a great start to a new week!

Friday, September 23, 2016

 Thank you for the blessings this month.  We greatly appreciate them.  The kids enjoy picking things out at Festival.

Our garden is producing.  The watermelon was very seedy but it tasted fine and the cantaloupe was very juicy.  If fruit is yucky at our house we set it aside for smoothies.  I hate to waste ere.  We roasted the zucchini and squash for lunch.  Everything gets eaten pretty quick at this house.

Olivia and Gabe went to town painting one day. 

We seem to be just baking chocolate chip cookies to bless others with these past few months.  Our random acts of kindness are pretty simple these days.  Cookies are easy so I always use them as a fall back for when all the neighborhood kids are at the house and for babysitting.  Who doesn't eat a chocolate chip cookie?

My zucchini helper.  When I have an abundance of it we shred it and freeze it.  There are so many yummy recipes with it in.  We have a brownie one, chocolate cupcake and a muffin one we use all the time.  

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

2nd week

A lot of people have asked about keeping tabs each week on what the kiddos are studying and posting it.  Never thought of that before but I love it.  Great idea.  I realized too that if I ever make a book for each kid out of my blog, this way it's journal ed.  Sometimes there are so many subjects, projects, tantrums and loudness going on in this house it's hard to remember.  
Odin attended a youth group at a church we go to for our home school group and liked it.  Can I say that the boys there barely speak to each other and the girls are just so chatty.  Our home school group started this week too so that was off to a great start.  He does gym and art there.  No world Cultures this year which they loved.  Met some new friends there that he loves.  
Finished the book Fearless about a Navy Seal in a couple days. He's reading this humongous book on Abraham Lincoln(his favorite).

Thank you Pat and Paul for the blessing of sweet corn.  We all loved it!


He is also in gym, art and Lego club. We have a lot of new families there this year so it's great.  They get up so early in the morning they love going out on the front porch to read.  Bringing Abraham out there at 5 was a not a good choice.  He's way to loud!  Neighbors will start calling the cops on us or something. This week he did an experiment about craters on Mercury. He is reading about Alaric and his barbarians, and a book on famous men in the Middle Ages. 

Olivia  is learning about Joseph and his dream coat, the cat family, and reading Genesis,  

This is what hang time looks like at our house.  Me and the 2 little's are taking a nap.

This little star has been on an egg and hash brown kick every day.  He makes it all himself every morning.  He's so cute.  
He's just finishing a few books he's been reading.

Our friend blessed us with lots of award winning goodies from the garden.  Check out the zucchini!

Hope you had a good weekend and are off to a great Monday!

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