Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Inside out

My heart hurts for each and every person who looks at those magazines in the checkout lines and for one minute might think they need to be better than they are. 

That they need to be more than who God made them to be.
We are so much more than society's twisted view on beauty.  

We are loving, funny, thoughtful, creative, sensitive, extraordinary people.
We are loved for who we we are on the inside.  
We must see ourselves through his eyes.True beauty is not defined by what clothes we wear or  how much make up we wear.
God made us beautiful from the inside out.
When your friend comes over down and out and you make her laugh....beauty
When you make someones day by bringing them baked goods...beauty 
When you  continually answer the same question and read the same book over and over to your children...beauty
When you get down on your knees and pray for others all over the world...beauty

Love yourselves for who God made you to be. 
See other people for who God made them to be.

You are god's masterpiece!