Friday, July 29, 2016

Sweets and Abraham

Wow...what a breakfast or snack.  I have no idea who's this was.  I love when we download pictures  and find all these neat little pictures taken.  

This little star loves to bake and be my helper but don't count him in on eating any of it.

This is our rice sensory bin.  All the kids love it.  We had to get new rice this year for it because one of the children got water in there It was a nasty moldy mess.

Olivia snapped these of these
just want to bottle him up and keep him this age.  I love when they are running around and returning the love just like they receive it.  We are truly blessed.  

First task of the 13 completed by this new thirteen year old.
Almost done with the second task.

I can't believe August is right around the corner. 
 Hope you all are enjoying your summer!