Friday, August 5, 2016

This little star is digging for worms, grubs and anything that moves.

At our house we always have fruit and veggies out all day.  The kids can come and go snacking on healthy options, plus they don't like their stuff cold anyways so this works great. 

 Not sure who took these but I find it so interesting what these little stars like to take pictures of.  Life in pictures in this house is grand.  We are so blessed to have food, clean water, clothes on our back, and a house over our heads full of love.  

This bright star is always wanting to bake in the kitchen.  She's making muffins for Gabriel and cookies for the neighbors. Sometimes I think she wishes she would eat more foods.   Love their giving and loving hearts.

We love having friends over and hanging out.  It's great, in the summer we have a few families over each week.  Spending time together and watching our kids run around like crazy is right up our alley.
   Growing in Christ together is awesome. 

Odin gave Abraham a bath and they both had a blast!

Have a great Friday!