Monday, July 25, 2016

Dadz Kamp

The yearly Dadz Kamp was a hit like usual this year. Every year Dave takes the kids camping with just him. He does it to give me a break and to spend time with the kids. I think this was their 9th year and for the past 7 years they have gone to Green Lake Campground.  It's one of our favorite private campgrounds and the kids vote to go there every year for Dadz Kamp.

This year they had a beautiful campsite near the campground's pond.

They swim a lot. Over the years Dave has taught all the kids how to swim at Dadz Kamp. This year was Gabe's turn. He had a blast.

Lots of mini-golf too. Its FREE at the campground so they play 3 or 4 times a day

They eat lots of ice cream too!

Special thanks to the owners and workers at the campground. The kids love going there because everyone is so nice. They are a wonderful family and it is a wonderful campground.